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Ripeti con me! is the only Italian audio course that prompts you to speak all the time.

This huge collection of Italian audio lessons will help you improve your speaking and listening skills. Each lesson comes with audio, transcript, and grammar notes.

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Grammar topics
Grammar topics

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Grammar notes
Come usare il corso
How to use this course
1. Sei italiano?
Are you Italian?
Grammar notes
I am, you are…
2. Ho sete!
I'm thirsty!
Grammar notes
I have, you have…
3. Un bambino, una bambina
A boy, a girl
Grammar notes
Maschile e femminile
Masculine and feminine forms of nouns and adjectives
4. Un gelato, due gelati
One ice cream, two ice creams
Grammar notes
Singolare e plurale
Singular and plural forms of nouns and adjectives
5. La vita è bella
Life is beautiful
Grammar notes
Articoli determinativi
Definite articles (like “the”)
6. Ho un’idea!
I’ve got an idea!
Grammar notes
Articoli indeterminativi
Indefinite articles (like “a,an”)
7. Dove lavori?
Where do you work?
Grammar notes
Presente regolare
Regular verbs: I work, you work…
8. Dove vai?
Where are you going?
Grammar notes
Presente irregolare: andare, venire, dire, dare, sapere…
Irregular verbs: to go, to come, to say…
9. A Roma
In Rome
Grammar notes
Preposizioni a, in
How to say “in” (a place)
10. Studi ancora francese?
Do you still study French?
Grammar notes
Domande e risposte
Turning statements into questions
11. Non bevo
I don’t drink
Grammar notes
Frasi negative
Negative sentences
12. Tè o caffè?
Tea or coffee?
Grammar notes
How to say “or”
13. Mi piace l’Italia!
I like Italy!
Grammar notes
Mi piace
How to say “I like”
14. Giochi con noi?
Would you like to play with us?
Grammar notes
How to say “with”
15. Che ore sono?
What’s the time?
Grammar notes
Che ore sono? A che ora…?
Telling time
16. Da quanto tempo?
How long?
Grammar notes
Da quanto tempo…?
Telling time duration
17. Perché non dormi?
Why aren’t you sleeping?
Grammar notes
Perché? Perché…, Per…
Why, because, for (because of)
18. Vado a trovare i nonni
I’m going to visit my grandparents
Grammar notes
Andare a fare…
To go/come do something
19. Anche questo!
And this, too!
Grammar notes
Also, neither
20. Sai nuotare?
Can you swim?
Grammar notes
Sapere, saper fare, conoscere
To know, to be able to do
21. Posso entrare?
Can I come in?
Grammar notes
22. Vuoi un caffè?
Would you like a coffee?
Grammar notes
23. Devi studiare!
You must study!
Grammar notes
Must/should/have to do
24. Ho bisogno di te!
I need you!
Grammar notes
Avere bisogno di…
25. Vorrei del tè
I’d like some tea
Grammar notes
“Di” partitivo
Some (tea, friends)
26. C’è un gatto
There’s a cat
Grammar notes
C’è, ci sono
There is/are
27. Ho poco tempo
I don’t have much time
Grammar notes
Poco, un po’
Difference between “a bit” and “not much”
28. È davanti al parco
It’s opposite the park
Grammar notes
Posizioni: davanti, dietro, sopra, sotto, sinistra, destra…
Adverbs of location
29. Il mio ragazzo
My boyfriend
Grammar notes
Possessivi (mio, tuo, suo…)
Possessive adjectives and pronouns
30. Sto a casa
I stay at home
Grammar notes
Stare, essere
Difference between “to stay” and “to be”
31. Non ho capito
I didn’t understand
Grammar notes
Passato prossimo regolare
Past simple of regular verbs
32. Cosa hai detto?
What did you say?
Grammar notes
Passato prossimo irregolare
Past simple of irregular verbs
33. Parli bene cinese?
Do you speak good Chinese?
Grammar notes
Bene, male, buono, cattivo, bello, brutto, bravo
Adverbs vs. adjectives: well-good, badly-bad…
34. Non ci vado più
I don’t go there anymore
Grammar notes
“There” as in “I go there”
35. Non ho ancora finito
I haven’t finished yet
Grammar notes
Ancora, già, appena, sempre, mai
Adverbs of time: still, yet, again…
36. Appena sono tornato
As soon as I got home
Grammar notes
As soon as
37. È proprio vero!
Very true!
Grammar notes
A typical Italian word meaning “just, exactly, right”
38. Sia i gatti, sia i cani
Both cats and dogs
Grammar notes
Sia… sia…, né… né…
Both A and B, neither A nor B
39. Se non piove
if it’s not raining
Grammar notes
If clause (type 0/1)
40. Quando sono arrivato
When I arrived
Grammar notes
When vs. if
41. Dopo cena
After dinner
Grammar notes
Prima, dopo
Before, after
42. Ma non so cucinare
But I can’t cook
Grammar notes
43. Anche se è ricco
Even though he’s rich
Grammar notes
Anche se
Even if, even though
44. Tutti tranne me
Everyone but me
Grammar notes
Except for
45. Oltre al tedesco
Apart from German
Grammar notes
Oltre a
Other than
46. Cos’è questo?
What is this?
Grammar notes
Questo, quello
This, that…
47. Che musica ascolti?
What music do you listen to?
Grammar notes
Che, quale
What vs. which
48. Allora non esci?
Then you’re not going out?
Grammar notes
Allora, quindi
Then (logical consequence)
49. Insomma, cosa vuoi dire?
So, what do you mean?
Grammar notes
A typical Italian word vaguely similar to “all in all”
50. Almeno non piove
At least it’s not raining
Grammar notes
At least
51. Magari funziona
Maybe it works
Grammar notes
Maybe, possibly (with hope)
52. Non ho voluto chiedere
I didn’t want to ask
Grammar notes
Participio passato di volere, potere, dovere
Simple past of want, can, must
53. Un biglietto apposta
A special ticket
Grammar notes
A typical Italian word meaning “on purpose, specifically, all the way”
54. Ormai è estate
By now, it’s summer
Grammar notes
By now (it’s too late)
55. Infatti non guido
That’s why I’m not driving
Grammar notes
A false friend of “in fact”, actually closer to “indeed, in reality”
56. Visiteremo il museo
We’ll visit the museum
Grammar notes
Futuro regolare
Future simple of regular verbs
57. Pagherò domani
I’ll pay tomorrow
Grammar notes
Futuro irregolare
Future simple of irregular verbs
58. Non potrò venire
I will not be able to come
Grammar notes
Futuro di potere, volere e dovere
Future simple of can, want, must
59. Poi ho fatto la spesa
Then I bought groceries
Grammar notes
Then (as in an ordered list)
60. Tra tre mesi
In 3 months
Grammar notes
Espressioni di tempo: in, tra, fa
Time expressions: in, ago…
61. Li conosci?
Do you know them?
Grammar notes
Lo, la, li, le
Direct pronouns, as in “I ate it”
62. Mi chiamo Pino
My name is Pino
Grammar notes
Mi chiamo, mi lavo, mi sento…
Basic reflexive verbs
63. Dove mi porti?
Where will you take me?
Grammar notes
Portare, prendere
To take/bring (someone somewhere), to pick up
64. È davvero bella
Is really beautiful
Grammar notes
Davvero, veramente…
65. Torno subito!
I’ll be right back!
Grammar notes
At once, immediately
66. Metà degli italiani
Half of Italians
Grammar notes
Metà, mezzo
67. Stasera usciamo?
Are we going out today?
Grammar notes
Uscire, andare
To go out vs. to leave
68. È inutile discutere
It’s useless to discuss
Grammar notes
Utile/inutile, contento/scontento…
Useful/useless, happy/unhappy…
69. Che ore saranno?
What time can it be?
Grammar notes
Futuro per supposizioni
Future tense for making assumptions
70. Quanto ci vuole?
How long does it take?
Grammar notes
Ci vuole
It takes (1 hour)
71. Quanto ci metti?
How long does it take?
Grammar notes
Ci metto
It takes me (1 hour), I spend
72. Con questa pioggia
With this rain
Grammar notes
73. Bisogna prenotare
Do we need to make a reservation
Grammar notes
Impersonal form of “you need to”
74. Scrivere correttamente
Be able to write correctly
Grammar notes
Veloce/velocemente, serio/seriamente
Adverbs vs. adjectives: quick/quickly, serious/seriosly…
75. È facile, è facile da
Is easy, is easy to
Grammar notes
Facile (da), difficile (da)…
Easy/difficult to do
76. Per il prezzo
For the price
Grammar notes
"For" as in “for the price, it’s not bad”
77. Dalle recensioni
From the reviews
Grammar notes
Judging from, based on
78. Hai mica una penna?
Do you happen to have a pen?
Grammar notes
Do you happen to…? Do you fancy…?
79. Devo riscriverla
I have to write it again
Grammar notes
Do/redo, write/rewrite…
80. Sarà anche vero
It might be true
Grammar notes
Futuro + anche
Future tense for making assumptions with emphasis
81. Cioè
In other words
Grammar notes
In other words
82. In effetti
Grammar notes
In effetti
Actually, indeed
83. Dormivi?
Were you sleeping?
Grammar notes
Ongoing actions and habits in the past. Imperfect past, regular. As in “you were sleeping”
84. Facevo sempre colazione
I always had breakfast
Grammar notes
Imperfetto irregolare
Imperfect past, irregular
85. Ogni
Grammar notes
Each, every
86. Da un amico
At a friend’s place
Grammar notes
At someone’s place
87. Senza fare
Without doing
Grammar notes
Without doing
88. Dipende
It depends
Grammar notes
It depends
89. Ogni volta che
Every time
Grammar notes
Ogni volta che
Every time I go…
90. Tanto per sapere
Just to know
Grammar notes
Tanto per
Just, as in “just in case”
91. Ti scrivo domani
I’ll write you tomorrow
Grammar notes
Pronomi indiretti (mi, ti, gli…)
Indirect pronouns: “give it to me”
92. Non serve l’ombrello
There’s no need for an umbrella
Grammar notes
A typical italian word meaning “it’s needed”
93. A cosa serve?
What’s the point of
Grammar notes
Servire a
A typical italian word meaning “it’s needed for”
94. Mancare
To miss
Grammar notes
To miss
95. Sembra
Grammar notes
To seem
96. Sembra di
It seems
Grammar notes
To seem + verb
97. La fortuna non basta
Being lucky is not enough
Grammar notes
To be enough
98. Ti va un gelato?
Do you want an ice cream?
Grammar notes
Andare, avere voglia di
To feel like doing
99. Mi sa che hai ragione tu!
I guess you’re right!
Grammar notes
Mi sa che
A colloquial way to say “i think/guess”