A Paul Noble Italian alternative (works better for speaking)

Paul Noble’s Italian audio course teaches you the basics of the Italian language. However, it doesn’t get you the chance to practice your spoken Italian as much as you should. In this post, you will find a Paul Noble Italian alternative that works better for your speaking skills.
paul noble italian alternative
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Paul Noble Italian

Paul Noble is a language coach who has established a method to teach foreign languages through audio courses.

His courses currently include various languages: Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and Japanese.

Paul Noble’s Italian course is structured in two audiobooks – the first one is addressed to beginners, while the second one is for intermediate learners.

The approach behind Paul Noble’s lessons is to give you the basic tools to start speaking Italian and formulating sentences.

In his course, Paul Noble teaches you Italian grammar and explains in detail how to build a sentence in Italian. A native speaker helps Paul, so you can learn the correct Italian pronunciation.

What’s wrong with Paul Noble Italian

Paul Noble’s course aims at teaching the basics of Italian language and gives you solid building blocks upon which you can construct all the sentences you need.

The idea is that, by learning how to conjugate verbs, use pronouns, build a sentence, etc., you have the essential tools to formulate complex sentences you can use in Italy.

However, the course seems to put too much attention on grammar rules and how to structure sentences, while it doesn’t focus enough on teaching new words – after all, learning new vocabulary is what you need to communicate in Italian.

With Paul Noble’s audio course, you don’t have the opportunity to practice your speaking skills by speaking along to some audio.

And I believe that speaking is one of the most effective ways to become fluent in Italian (as well as any foreign language).

Also, what you learn throughout the course is usually a formal and articulated way to structure sentences, and you don’t get in touch with how real spoken Italian looks like.

A Paul Noble alternative for the Italian language

If you want to learn how to speak Italian, you should look for a language course that makes you speak from day one.

In this sense, I believe that Think In Italian courses can be an alternative to Paul Noble Italian.

The courses are structured in grammar lessons, Italian readings, and an audio course (Ripeti con me).

All the material aims at teaching Italian with real-life examples, idioms, and anecdotes about Italian culture. In this way, you can learn how Italians talk in their daily life.

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The Italian audio course puts a lot of stress on speaking practice. It is structured into several lessons in which you listen to a native Italian speaker and repeat what he says after a short time interval.

This approach, based on  spaced repetition and active recall techniques, allows you to retain what you hear and stick it into your long-term memory.

When you repeat the information you hear (after a short pause), your brain is stimulated to recall the information, process it, and formulate an answer.

That’s how it works in Ripeti con me audio course: the sentence you hear is the information you need to recall, and the pause after the sentence gives your brain the time to actively recall the sentence (instead of passively repeating it).

The course constantly prompts you to speak and allows you to mimic a native Italian speaker and learn the correct Italian pronunciation.

Think In Italian courses are engaging and make you progress in Italian while enjoying the process.

Are you ready to speak as Italians do? Learn more about Think In Italian courses!

Still translating in your head? Wanna speak Italian for real? Check out Stefano's courses to think directly in Italian and become fluent fast!


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