Numbers in Italian: Easy Counting From 0 to Billions!

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Embark on a linguistic adventure and master the essentials of Italian counting! This guide takes you from zero to a million, ensuring you can handle numbers with ease during your Italian escapades. 🇮🇹✨

  • Start simple: Nail the basics by memorizing numbers from zero to dieci (0-10). It’s your golden ticket to Italian numeracy!
  • Pattern recognition: Spot the patterns from undici to venti (11-20). It’s a quirky dance of digits, but once you get the rhythm, you’re set!
  • Building blocks: From ventuno to trenta (21-30), it’s all about pairing tens with units. Think of it as a numerical matchmaking game!
  • Remember the rules: Drop vowels and add accents where needed. It’s not just grammar; it’s the secret sauce for sounding authentically Italian!
  • Big numbers, no sweat: Once you hit cento (100), it’s smooth sailing. Just stack those multipliers and sail through the sea of Italian numbers.
  • Thousand and beyond: Transition from mille to mila after 1,000, and don’t forget to breathe – spaces are your friends in the land of large figures.
  • Millions and billions: Tackle milioni and miliardi with confidence. Just switch the ending vowel, and you’re playing in the big leagues!
  • Practical use: Ready to share your phone number or age in Italian? This guide’s got your back with real-life examples that’ll make you a pro.
  • Keep practicing: Consistency is key! With a little practice, you’ll be counting in Italian as naturally as sipping on an espresso. ☕
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How to Count in Italian

When you start learning a foreign language, you will, of course, need to learn their numbers.

The Italian numbers are not hard to remember, and everything follows a very logical pattern. If you manage to learn how to count from one to ten, you will have an easy time learning further.

Whether you’re buying groceries, saying your age, or giving your phone number to someone, you will need to learn how to express yourself.

The numbers are everywhere, and if you know the cardinal numbers in the Italian language, your journey will be a lot easier.

Just imagine you’re in beautiful Rome and you have to exchange phone numbers with someone. It can be incredibly tough if you don’t at least know the basics.

You can start here, and move to the more complicated things. Who knows, maybe in time, the Italian numbers will become a big part of your life.

Indeed, numbers in Italian are among the most useful basic Italian phrases.

They’re also among the 1000 most common Italian words.

numbers in italian 1 30

The numbers in Italian

How do you count from 0 to 10 in Italian?

First let’s review the Italian numbers from 0 to 10.

Find more about them here.

0 – Zero

1 – Uno

2 – Due

3 – Tre

4 – Quattro

5 – Cinque

6- Sei

7 – Sette

8 – Otto

9 – Nove

10 – Dieci

numbers in italian 1 50

Counting From Eleven To Twenty In Italian

After ten, things start to get interesting, as you will need to start composing the digits.

There are two different patterns to follow, but it shouldn’t be hard to get a hold of them.

From eleven to sixteen, you will have to put the number first, and then the word ‘dici.’

Starting with seventeen, just put ‘dici’ in front of the number.

11 – Undici

12 – Dodici

13 – Tredici

14 – Quattordici

15 – Quindici

16 – Sedici

17 – Diciasette

18 – Diciotto

19 – Diciannove

20 – Venti

Counting From Twenty-One to Thirty In Italian

After twenty, it starts getting easier. You will only need to how to say the tens number, and pair them together.

21 – Ventuno

22 – Ventidue

23 – Ventitre

24 – Ventiquattro

25 – Venticinque

26 – Ventisei

27 – Ventisette

28 – Ventotto

29 – Ventinove

30 – Trenta

cardinal numbers in italian

Counting From Thirty-One To Forty In Italian

And the same rule stands for thirty.

31 – Trentuno

32 – Trentadue

33 – Trentatre

34 – Trentaquattro

35 – Trentacinque

36 – Trentasei

37 – Trentasette

38 – Trentotto

39 – Trentanove

40 – Quaranta

Counting From Forty-One to Fifty

If you pay attention to the pattern, starting with forty in the Italian language, all the tens will end in ‘-anta,’ so it’s going to be very easy to remember.

Besides that, when someone says ‘Oggi entro negli -anta’ it means that ‘Today, I am forty.’ The Italian numbers are very logical, so you won’t have a hard time learning them.

41 – Quarantuno

42 – Quarantadue

43 – Quarantatre

44 – Quarantaquattro

45 – Quarantacinque

46 – Quarantasei

47 – Quarantasette

48 – Quarantotto

49 – Quarantanove

50 – Cinquanta

how to count in italian

Counting From Fifty-One to Sixty In Italian

51 – Cinquantuno

52 – Cinquantadue

53 – Cinquantatre

54 – Cinquantaquattro

55 – Cinquantacinque

56 – Cinquantasei

57 – Cinquantasette

58 – Cinquantotto

59 – Cinquantanove

60 – Sessanta

Counting From Sixty-One To Seventy In Italian

61 – Sessantuno

62 – Sessantadue

63 – Sessantatre

64 – Sessantaquattro

65 – Sessantacinque

66 – Sessantasei

67 – Sessantasette

68 – Sessantotto

69 – Sessantanove

70 – Settanta

Counting From Seventy-One to Eighty In Italian

71 – Settantuno

72 – Settantadue

73 – Settantatre

74 – Settantaquattro

75 – Settantacinque

76 – Settantasei

77 – Settantasette

78 – Settantotto

79 – Settantanove

80 – Ottanta

numbers in italian 1 100

Counting From Eighty-One to Ninety In Italian

81 – Ottantuno

82 – Ottantadue

83 – Ottantatre

84 – Ottantaquattro

85 – Ottantacinque

86 – Ottantasei

87 – Ottantasette

88 – Ottantotto

89 – Ottantanove

90 – Novanta

Counting From Ninety-One To One Hundred In Italian

91 – Novantuno

92 – Novantadue

93 – Novantatre

94 – Novantaquattro

95 – Novantacinque

96 – Novantasei

97 – Novantasette

98 – Novantotto

99 – Novantanove

100 – Cento

The pronunciation of the Italian numbers is pretty easy, just remember these two rules.

  1. You need to drop the final vowel in tens when you’re pairing them with numbers starting with vowels, such as ‘uno’ and ‘otto.’ This is a general rule you need to use in Italian.
  2. Whenever you are pairing a ten with three, make sure to add an acute accent on the last vowel in ‘tre.’ An acute accent can be a sign telling the reader that he’s supposed to read the vowel in that word, so without it, you may give a whole new meaning to your Italian numbers.

Italian Numbers Over One Hundred

After 100, things are much easier. All you need to do is add the multiplier digit before ‘cento,’ and there you have it.

200 – Duecento

300 – Trecento

400 – Quattrocento

500 – Cinquecento

600 – Seicento

700 – Settecento

800 – Ottocento

900 – Novecento

Keep in mind that there are no hyphens or spaces between the numbers in Italian. For example, if you’re saying 356 you will write ‘trecentocinquantasei.’

When it comes to thousands, there is only one rule you need to keep in mind.

One thousand is simply ‘mille‘. Starting with two thousand, ‘mille‘ will become ‘mila,’ and it will look like this.

2000 – Duemila

3000 – Tremila

4000 – Quattromila

5000 – Cinquemila

6000 – Seimila

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7000 – Settemila

8000 – Ottomila

9000 – Novemila

Starting with ten thousand, you will also add a space between the words.

Such as:

10,000 – Dieci mila

20,000 – Venti mila

30,000 – Trenta mila

40,000 – Quaranta mila

50,000 – Cinquanta mila

60,000 – Sessanta mila

70,000 – Settanta mila

80,000 – Ottanta mila

90,000 – Novanta mila

100,000 – Cento mila

numbers in italian language

And it goes like this, up until one million.

For example, if you want to say the Italian number 45,300 you will say ‘quarantacinque mila e trecento.’

I know, it may seem a little hard, but with enough practice, you will definitely master it in no time!

So far, these are the easy numbers in Italian, but from now, you can create even more complex numbers.

Moving on, we have one million and over. The rule is simple.

1.000.000 – Un milione

2.000.000 – Due milioni – Un miliardo – Tre miliardi

All you need to be careful about is changing the last vowel. When we say one million, in Italian it will be ‘un milione‘ and it will change to ‘due milioni‘ for two millions.

Even though this is simple, you need to keep in mind that there are a couple of differences from English.

For example, in English, we can say 1100 as ‘eleven hundred.’ Italians don’t have the equivalent for it so 1100 will be ‘millecento.’

The second difference is the way Italians say hundreds, tens, and thousands. They are ‘decine‘ for tens, ‘centinaia‘ for hundreds, and ‘migliaia‘ for thousands.


Italian Counting Numbers

Can you count in Italian?

On your language journey, you will learn more and more about how Italians do it. They do have a specific way, but it’s also a very beautiful and interesting one.

It’s not hard to understand how digits in Italian work, so you will have a very easy time composing bigger and bigger numbers.

If you want to know how to exchange your telephone number or how to say your age check out this article with examples and phrases on how to use the Italian numbers.

For more, remember you can always join the course, Ripeti Con Me, where you can learn in no time how to speak Italian, and use it whenever you have the chance.

It’s amazing to commit to learning a new Foreign Language, and it will definitely be a whole new experience the next time you visit Italy!

So what do you think? Are you ready to start learning Italian numbers?

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