Confused about Non si può fare and Non se può fare? Discover how to say correctly “It’s not possible” in Italian. 

“Non si può fare” vs “Non se puo fare”: Meaning in English

“Non si può fare” is an Italian expression which means ‘It cannot be done.’ It reflects a feeling of impossibility and unachievable outcomes.

It implies that even with an effort and intention, the desired result cannot be achieved due to certain restrictions. This phrase is commonly used in standard Italian, but in regional dialects other expressions may exist to convey the same meaning.

One of the most common mistakes in Italian is saying “Non se puo fare”. “Non se puo fare” is not grammatically correct in Italian.

Other Ways to Say “Non si può fare”

Here are various ways to express the idea that “It cannot be done” in Italian along with their English translations:

“Non è possibile.”

It’s not possible.

“Non si riesce a farlo.”

It cannot be achieved.

“Non è fattibile.”

It’s not feasible.

“Non è praticabile.”

It’s not practicable.

“Non c’è modo.”

There’s no way.

“È fuori questione.”

It’s out of the question.

“È impraticabile.”

It’s impracticable.

“È irrealizzabile.”

It’s unattainable.

“Non è realizzabile.”

It’s not achievable.

These phrases convey the notion that something cannot be done or is not possible in various contexts and with different nuances.

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