A Michel Thomas Italian Alternative That Enhances Your Italian Fluency


Discover a fresh approach to mastering Italian with an alternative to the Michel Thomas method. Dive into native-led audio courses that promise to boost your fluency and perfect your pronunciation without the homework hassle.

  • Michel Thomas Method: Great for beginners, but watch out for non-native pronunciation that could trip up your learning.
  • Seek Native Speakers: To nail the accent, opt for audio courses taught by native Italian speakers. Your ears will thank you!
  • Think in Italian: This program is your ticket to authentic Italian, with culture-packed content and native narration. Say ciao to speaking like a local!
  • Listen and Repeat: Mimic a native speaker in the audio courses. It’s like having an Italian buddy in your ear, guiding you to pro-level pronunciation.
  • Speak from Day One: Don’t just sit there—speak! These courses are all about active learning. You’ll be chatting up a storm in no time.
  • Immerse Yourself: Let your brain soak up Italian naturally. It’s like moving to Italy without the hassle of packing. 🧳✈️
  • Fluency is Key: Focus on fluency over rote memorization. You’ll learn Italian as it’s truly spoken, not just textbook style.

My thoughts

Unlock fluency with an innovative Italian alternative to the Michel Thomas method. Elevate your language skills effortlessly.

Michel Thomas Italian

Michel Thomas was a polyglot who developed a specific method to teach languages (among which is Italian).

His approach is based on audio courses in Italian in which you follow along as Michel Thomas instructs a couple of Italian learners. You are the third student, and you speak when it’s your turn.

This method aims to make you learn Italian easily. In theory, you won’t need to memorize new words or do any homework: you just need to sit down and listen.

The course starts with some simple phrases and quickly adds new vocabulary and sentences until you’ve got a good working Italian “toolbox”.

Michel Thomas Total Italian is excellent for absolute beginners who want to approach the basics of the Italian language and learn it gradually.

Little by little, you will build up the confidence that you can learn Italian and communicate with Italian speakers.

What’s wrong with Michel Thomas Total Italian

Michel Thomas Total Italian is a good tool for learning how to conjugate verbs and memorize new words, but it may not help you become a fluent Italian speaker.

The course has some flip sides. Michel Thomas is not a native Italian speaker, and sometimes his pronunciation can be hard to understand.

The two Italian students are not native speakers either, and some people claim there are some pronunciation mistakes in their answers.

Learning a new language also means getting the correct pronunciation, and Michel Thomas’s Total Italian can be misleading in this sense.

A Michel Thomas alternative for the Italian language

If you want to learn the correct Italian pronunciation, I’d suggest you find an audio course held by a native Italian speaker.

In this sense, Think in Italian courses are a great option as they’re designed by an Italian polyglot who knows how to learn and teach foreign languages.

Free Guide
How to Learn Languages Fast

Think in Italian offers a broad set of audio courses (Ripeti con me) and Italian lessons (Leggi con me), which are completely focused on Italy and Italian culture and are designed to make you speak Italian from day one.

During the audio course, you listen to a native Italian speaker and repeat what he says after a short time interval.

In this way, your brain gets used to the Italian language naturally, and you are constantly prompted to speak.

There is no better way to improve your fluency and enhance your Italian pronunciation.

Learn more about Think in Italian courses.

Italian word of the day
Cosa mangi a colazione? Mangio una mela.
What do you have for breakfast? I eat an apple.
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  1. This sounds like a great resource! I’ve been wanting to improve my Italian fluency, so I’ll definitely check it out. Thanks for sharing!

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