Mi sa che: Italian grammar lesson 99

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Meaning mi sa che

Mi sa che: informal language

In today’s lesson, you’re going to learn an informal way of saying “I think”.

It’s very easy to remember and to spot since it’s very short. We say: mi sa che… and the rest of the sentence.

Usually, informal expressions don’t have exact equivalents in another language. In fact, there is no literal translation for this construction.

Also, we only use it with mi (for “I”).

Have a look at these examples:

Mi sa che non vengono.

I think they’re not coming.

Mi sa che vuole invitarvi a cena.

I think she wants to invite you over for dinner.

Mi sa che explained

Mi sa che: meaning

Even though there’s no literal translation for mi sa che, we’re going to explain what it means so that you understand how we use it.

In this construction, sa comes from the verb sapere, which (other than meaning “to know”) means “to taste/to smell”.

So, if we say mi sa che, we’re literally saying “it tastes/smells to me like…”. Very poetic, right?

We use it to say something along the lines of “I have the feeling/impression that”.

In other words, mi sa che basically means mi sembra che (“it seems to me that”) or just penso or credo che (“I think that” or “I believe that”).

But remember it’s quite informal and colloquial.

Mi sa che meaning

Mi sa di sì / mi sa di no

We can also use a similar construction to answer a yes or no question. In this case, instead of che, we use di right before or no. There are two options.

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Here they are:

  • Mi sa di sì. (I think so.)
  • Mi sa di no. (I don’t think so.)

Have a look at the example:

A: Venite stasera?
B: Mi sa di no.

A: Are you coming tonight?
B: I don’t think so.

A: Ha passato l’esame?
B: Mi sa di sì.

A: Did she pass the exam?
B: I think so.

Mi sa che Italian

Mi sa che: examples

Now, let’s have a look at some more examples. Remember in terms of translations, there are different options.

All of them are fine but some fit better.

Mi sa che non vengo.

I think I’m not coming.

Mi sa che stanno studiando.

I have the feeling they’re studying.

Mi sa che mangio fuori stasera.

I think I’m eating out tonight.

Mi sa che è arrabbiata con me.

I have the impressionshe’s angry at me.

Mi sa meaning

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