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Communication expert with 11 years of experience


I’m a communication and marketing expert, with a strong training experience. I love travelling and learning about different cultures. My main activity has always been in the italian teaching and sport, as a football coach and sporting events organizator.

Teachers with a method

Our tutors are handpicked by Stefano and instructed to adopt the most effective teaching method.

Your teacher will:

  • Focus on conversation
  • Teach through examples, not grammar rules
  • Make you speak Italian from Day 1

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tips for a better lesson
Both students and tutors have access to Stefano's tips for a better language class
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Guidance based on the best study materials

Our tutors are familiar with the audio course Ripeti con me! and also have access to the readings Leggi con me!

This means that you can put into practice what you’ve learned with the material available on this website.

Your tutor will also answer any questions you may have about the content of the audio lessons and the readings.

Italian Live Tutoring FAQ

  1. Right upon checkout, you’ll receive a receipt by email
  2. Within 24 hours, you’ll receive an email from your tutor
  3. You’ll schedule a lesson on Google Calendar or similar tools
  4. You and your tutor will connect on your preferred video call platform (Skype, Zoom, Google Meet)
  5. You’ll have video call at the scheduled time

No, there are no trial lessons. Tutors deserve to be paid for every class they give.

We recommend Google Calendar because it’s free and easy to use. It avoids misunderstandings on time zones, etc.

Yes, you may request to reschedule at least 24 hours in advance.

The tutor has the right to reject requests sent later than that.

Requests can be easily sent on Google Calendar.

All tutors are available on at least one of the most popular video call platform: Skype, Zoom, and Google Meet.

Our tutors share Stefano’s method of teaching through examples rather than grammar rules.

They’re also familiar with the learning materials available on this website.

Thus, live lessons are an excellent way to review what you’ve learned on the website and ask for clarifications.

Tutors also make great conversation partners.

Yes, you may request a refund within 30 days of your purchase.

Refunds are granted case by case after hearing from both students and tutors.

To request a refund, reply to the order receipt email or via our contact page.

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Rave Reviews by Learners and Experts

Frederica – UK


Ripeti con me! has been the best language learning experience I’ve had.  

I have always been really shy about speaking languages, and the fact that you are speaking from the very first day really builds your confidence, makes you much more fluent, in terms of how you’re thinking in the language.

It’s been a real change for me. I couldn’t recommend it enough!

Takehiro – Japan


I have been taking lessons with Stefano for a year and a half. Stefano is an excellent teacher. Thanks to him, my Italian has improved dramatically.

Stefano understands all aspects of the Italian language. He has a lot of experience, not only in teaching Italian but also in language learning. This makes him an ideal teacher.

I highly recommend him!

Emily – Switzerland


I’ve been using it for several months and I was drawn to it.

It’s a method that works for people in the Peace Corps when they have to learn a language fast to repeat entire phrases and then use the context of the phrases to develop their language skills.

You’re not only listening and repeating whole phrases but you’re learning grammar step by step at the same time.

Anthony – UK


Stefano’s course has proven very effective in helping me develop my Italian, which is why I’ve been sticking with it for so long now.

And I’m very cautious as to which platform I use to help me learn, so this is worth every single penny.

Emily – USA


It is a system that is easy, brilliant—so easy that only somebody that really really understood teaching languages could come up with.

Every lesson builds on what came before it and you’re learning the language without even giving it a second thought.

I was able to converse naturally when we went to Italy. The words just flowed, I was no longer translating in my head.

I’ve come so much further than with Babbel or Duolingo. None of the silly games, no fill-in-the-blanks, no homework, no exercises to do — all the things that I felt like I was wasting time with.

I highly recommend it and I know if you try it it will work for you too.

Vivinne – USA


Ripeti Con Me has really helped with my language learning, with my speaking, which is what I’m mostly interested in.

I noticed within about 3 to 4 days of starting that my speaking ability took a jump as well as my listening comprehension.

James – Ireland


This course is brilliant.

I encourage anyone who takes on the course to go through those three different repetitions because they really do actually work.

As a complete beginner to Italian, I’ve found it a very stress-free and easy way to get into the language without any of the nervousness and anxiety that comes with face-to-face learning and being put on the spot.

I really recommend the course to anyone out there wanting to learn Italian.”

Jim – USA


I really like learning Italian on Think in Italian.

It’s a no-nonsense method that appeals to me – no time wasted doing exercises or playing games.

[Its sentences] are well thought out and they can be adapted to real conversation pretty easily.

No memorization either. It’s right to the point.

"Stefano is a fantastic educator. I recommend his lessons to all language lovers."
terry hsie
Thierry Hsieh
Founder - Polyglot Club (Taiwan)
"This course teaches the language intuitively. It can definitely help you improve your Italian."
nick dalhoff
Nick Dahlhoff
Founder - All Language Resources