Lessons in the Italian language: my favorite online courses

Are you struggling to learn Italian grammar and memorize new vocabulary? Well, maybe you’re applying the wrong method. In this post, I’ll explain why taking lessons in Italian language may help you learn Italian quickly and easily, and what are the best language courses to learn.
lessons in italian language

Why take language lessons in Italian?

Whether you’d like to understand Italians when you travel to Italy or speak Italian fluently, taking Italian lessons may help you learn faster.

There are many options out there, but I believe that taking lessons in Italian is one of the most effective ways to learn Italian.

What are the benefits of taking lessons in Italian?

First of all, it helps you think directly in Italian without first translating it into your head.

That’s one of the main problems when learning Italian (or any other language): you tend to learn new vocabulary and grammar in your mother tongue (or English) and then translate everything into that language.

There are many ways you can think in Italian (for example, watching Netflix in Italian and putting English subtitles).

However, taking an online course in Italian is a quicker way to improve your language skills.

Listening helps you get in contact with real Italian and learn how Italians think and choose their words.

Taking lessons in the Italian language also allows you to learn idioms and expressions you wouldn’t learn otherwise.

How to choose an Italian language lesson?

In most cases, learning a new language means being able to speak it and communicate with locals – whether you’re having a work meeting or you’re spending leisure time at a restaurant.

If you want to learn Italian, I advise you to speak from day one.

This implies that a good Italian course should focus on active speaking.

Additionally, a well-structured Italian language course should have the following features:

  • It should get you used to a native voice;
  • It should improve your speaking confidence at a rapid pace;
  • It should prompt you to speak;
  • It should introduce new vocabulary and grammar patterns naturally.

Last but not least, a valid Italian course should be focused on Italy and its culture.

In this way, studying Italian becomes much more engaging, and you can relate what you learn to real-life situations (like ordering food, booking a room, or doing shopping).

Learning academic Italian won’t help you communicate with locals once you’re in Italy. It is much more beneficial to listen to Italian speakers and practice speaking Italian yourself.

Lessons in the Italian language: my favorite courses online

Ripeti con me

Ripeti con me is an audio course designed to make you speak Italian from day one and think directly in Italian.

The course is structured in a set of audio lessons: you listen to a native Italian speaker and repeat what he says.

By repeating a sentence after a short interval you hear it, you mimick the speaker’s intonation and pronunciation and memorize new grammar and vocabulary naturally.

To make the most of the course, you should actively listen to the sentences.

The course is based on real-life situations you can experience during your stay in Italy, and that’s what makes the lessons smooth and engaging.

Ripeti con me is one of the best courses in the Italian language as it allows you to:

  • learn grammar without getting bored with textbooks;
  • acquire new vocabulary without struggling to memorize new words;
  • learn the correct Italian pronunciation by listening to a native speaker;
  • learn Italian words you can use in real-life situations.

Learn more about Ripeti con me in this detailed review.

News in Slow Italian

News in Slow Italian is a platform that offers Italian lessons about Italy and Italian culture.

The website provides audio lessons and short stories in Italian, and the learning material is divided into three main sections:

  • Dialogues and short stories – a series of stories about Italian culture and Italian facts. Additional resources are available, such as grammar lessons, flashcards, and quizzes.
  • Italian news – based on a weekly podcast that introduces the main news about Italian society.
  • Series – a collection of fictional and non-fictional stories structured in chapters.

The audio material is divided according to the proficiency level (from beginner to advanced) and includes a transcript to help you understand what you hear.

Learning Italian on News in Slow Italian allows you to improve your listening comprehension of Italian, as there is a broad choice of Italian audio lessons.

It also allows you to keep updated about Italian society and lifestyle.

However, the courses lack speaking practice, and you may find it helpful to implement the audio lessons with further resources.

Learn more about News in Slow Italian pros and cons in this review.

Italian Pod 101

Italian Pod 101 is one of the most popular websites to learn Italian online.

It provides audio courses and conversations in Italian; the topics concern real-life and practical situations to apply the Italian language to everyday life.

Here are the platform’s main features:

  • Audio courses, which include conversations about specific topics (related to Italy and its culture) and introduce new vocabulary and grammar;
  • Video courses, which are designed to improve your pronunciation by mimicking the native speaker;
  • Flashcards, word lists, and slideshows. These resources are available with the premium version and are a helpful tool to practice what you’ve learned.

Italian Pod 101 is a great platform for beginners who want to approach the Italian language, as it offers engaging material to learn Italian.

However, it doesn’t provide many resources for those who want to progress and get to an advanced level, and advanced learners may find the material too simple for them.

Learn more about Italian Pod 101 in this detailed review.


Free Guide
How to Learn Languages Fast

FluentU is a language-learning platform where you can find subtitled video lessons in different languages.

Learning Italian on FluentU is mainly based on music videos, ads, movie clips, interviews, and many more. Quizzes are available at the end of each video to test your progress.

FluentU is a great platform for visual learners, but it lacks speaking practice. There’s little chance to improve your spoken Italian, pronunciation, and fluency.

This means that FluentU is an excellent resource if you want to understand most of the shows and movies Italians watch, but it may be not enough to speak Italian fluently.

Read more about FluentU’s pros and cons in this review

Con parole nostre

Con parole nostre is a podcast created by three Italian friends and is one of the best podcasts to learn Italian.

The format of each episode is based on spontaneous conversations. The concept is simple: three friends meet and talk about many different topics like if they’re meeting for a coffee.

The conversations are natural and engaging and at the same time, they’re quite detailed and introduce complex Italian words.

Con parole nostre is an excellent choice for advanced Italian learners who want to improve their vocabulary, learn new Italian expressions, and improve their fluency.

A takeaway

Lessons in Italian are essential if you want to master Italian without stressing with textbooks or flashcards.

Textbooks, language learning apps, and flashcards can be a good complement to your practice, but they won’t teach you how to communicate in Italian.

A valid Italian language course is essential if you want to speak Italian fluently.

Remember that a good Italian course should prompt you to speak from day one and introduce you to Italian grammar and vocabulary naturally.

And don’t forget to make the learning process fun and enjoyable – after all, learning doesn’t have to be a burden!

Are you ready to speak like an Italian?

Do you want instead to learn Italian with a private tutor? Check out this post about Italian language classes prices.

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