Learning Italian on YouTube: is it possible?

If you want to learn Italian, YouTube videos can be very helpful! Watching videos is a fantastic way of learning a new language; you can listen to  different voices, listen to correct Italian pronunciation, and choose when and where to learn. In this post, I’ll walk you through 4(+1) amazing channels for learning Italian on YouTube.
learning italian on youtube is it possible?

Learning Italian on YouTube: How?

Are you looking for an additional option to learn Italian?

Because Italian is such a popular language to learn, there are several resources and tools accessible. But, it can certainly be a little confusing looking through all the various options!

However, YouTube is one of the best places to learn and practice Italian (and it’s also for free).

Many language learners ignore YouTube, but there are some excellent Italian channels there that will teach you everything from vocabulary and grammar to Italian culture and news.

There are Italian YouTube channels for everyone, whether you are just a beginner or want to improve your Italian skills.

I’ll go through 4(+1) amazing YouTube channels where language learners of all levels can find what they need.

Learn Italian with Lucrezia

This is a famous channel for people who want to learn or continue improving their Italian. There are a large variety of Italian videos, all presented by an Italian native speaker.

Learn Italian with Lucreziais great for absolute beginners because it includes a series of videos that teach the very basic topics like the alphabet or the present tenses.

But it is also excellent for more advanced learners because it includes video lessons on more complex grammar patterns like the subjunctive for example.

The videos are all highly useful and simple to follow, and there is something for everyone.

New videos are posted every week, and the content changes every week.

All of the videos are available on YouTube, and the channel also has a blog with tips on how to learn Italian and the best places to visit and eat in Italy.

Italy made easy

The channel has a variety of videos suitable for students of all levels, from those who are just at the beginning to those who have been studying for some time.

There are videos on a variety of topics, including the Italian alphabet, Italian pronunciation, and some of the more complex Italian grammar.

Although some of the videos are entirely in Italian, which is beneficial for students who want to improve their listening skills, “Italy Made Easy is particularly useful for English speakers who want to learn Italian.

It explains some of the more difficult grammar aspects in English, making them easier to fully understand and master.

I suggest you check out their very helpful videos about basic Italian phrases, greetings, and the distinctions between the passato prossimo and the imperfetto.

New videos are released several times every week, and the channel also has a website with free and paid lessons.

Italian Pod 101

There is a vast selection of videos available on this channel for students who want to learn Italian, with themes ranging from grammar and vocabulary to how New Year’s Day is celebrated or questions about the language’s origins.

This channel is excellent for students of all levels, but, because the content is not very difficult, the videos that explain specific aspects of Italian grammar are more appropriate for beginners.

There are two video series that are particularly helpful: one that teaches the 25 most important verbs, adjectives, and nouns, and another called “Learn Italian in 3 Minutes,” which teaches some easy sentences on a variety of topics.

Another advantage of this channel is that it can be used to simply practice listening, as there are a lot of listening comprehension videos for beginners, intermediates, and advanced learners, making it a useful tool for everyone.

All of the videos are on YouTube, and there is also a website with additional resources available.

Italiano automatico

This is a fantastic channel with a multitude of educational videos on a variety of topics that can help students of all levels improve.

The videos are all very different; some teach an element of Italian grammar, others discuss important Italian words or phrases, and still, others may discuss Italian culture or interviews with Italian native speakers, making them ideal for anyone.

The videos are all easy to follow because Alberto speaks slowly and clearly, and most of them have English subtitles.

Free Guide
How to Learn Languages Fast

This channel is one of the best tools because it includes a blog, website, and a series of podcasts in addition to the videos to help you learn Italian.

New videos are released regularly; you never know what the next video will be about.

learning italian on youtube

Other ways to improve your Italian skills

Watching Italian YouTube videos can be an interactive and fun exercise that doesn’t really feel like learning.

If you want to increase your Italian listening comprehension, you can add these resources to your language schedule in addition to YouTube:

What are your thoughts on this collection of the top Italian YouTube channels?

I hope that studying Italian with these channels inspires you to learn more about this fascinating language.

Also, don’t forget to listen to the audio lessons and readings of the Think In Italian course.

They are great for effectively increasing your vocabulary and improving your grammar while having fun.

Remember also to subscribe to the Think in Italian YouTube channel for more videos about the lovely Italian language.

Hope to see you there!

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