How to learn languages on YouTube (secret tool)

Are you learning Italian and constantly looking for new ways to make it entertaining and interesting? Are you a YouTube fan? In this post, I will show you how to learn languages on YouTube with the BEST learning tool!
how to learn languages on youtube (secret tool)

How to make learning languages fun

Have you ever heard of ‘Language Reactor’?

It is neither an app nor a website, but rather a Google Chrome extension that will transform your life and make learning languages more fun and successful.

But what exactly is an extension?

An extension is a small software program installed in a browser to personalize and improve the user experience.

Because we are talking about a Google Chrome extension, it will only run on your Chrome browser.

If you don’t have Chrome, I recommend downloading it online, which just takes a few seconds (just Google, Download Chrome)

NOTE: Language Reactor will soon be available on Firefox and Edge.

What is Language Reactor?

Language Reactor is a Netflix, YouTube, and Turtle TV plugin that allows you to learn new vocabulary and break down words while viewing your favorite movies/series. It translates everything in real-time

You’ll love using it, especially if you’re studying one, two, or more languages!

KEEP IN MIND – It is not an official Netflix or YouTube channel extension, but an independent one built by dedicated language learners for language learners all over the world, helping us in discovering new and exciting ways to study.

Did You Also Know? – Language Reactor offers almost 30 languages!

All of their languages are available in their Netflix/YouTube channel catalog.

Where to download Language Reactor

Search Google for “Language Reactor” or go straight to the download page by clicking here.

how to view double subtitles on youtube

Simply click “Add to Chrome,” and the download should start instantly. It will take a few seconds to install, and you will not be asked to do anything.

When the installation is finished, you will be taken to the official website where you will find extensive instructions on how to use it.

Keep reading to find out if you should get it.

How to learn languages on YouTube with Language Reactor

Let’s say your mother tongue is English and want to watch an Italian YouTube video on your favorite channel, then you will have both subtitles in Italian (the target language) on top and English (your language of choice) at the bottom.

How to put the double subtitles on YouTube

The following screenshots are from a video lesson on my YouTube channel ThinkinItalian. Check it out if your goal is to learn or improve your Italian.

language reactor review

The first thing you should know about Language Reactor is that you can enable and disable it as many times as you wish.

The feature does not have to be active all of the time; you simply choose whether you want to use the double subtitles or when you want to watch your show without them.

To view all subtitles of the video, click the three lines icon in the upper right corner of your screen.

Make sure you select “Subtitles/closed captions (c)” on the video player so that LR knows which language to translate.

After you’ve completed all this (just three clicks), your screen should appear like the one below.

how to put double subtitles on youtube

With the subtitles displayed in this way, you can highlight words and read their translations.

You may also listen to the pronunciation, see examples of how to use them, and access other dictionaries.

You can hear the subs as many times as you want by clicking on the play button, and you can return to the scene of each subtitle to hear the speaker say them by clicking on the full sentence.

Study tips

If you’re wondering how to best use the extension for your language learning, I suggest doing the following.

As beginners, with each sentence:

  1. Listen to the audio several times without peeking at the text (use the ‘s’ keyboard key to do so). Listen carefully to the sounds and try to understand whatever meaning you can.
  2. Listen to the audio again while reading the original language text. Hopefully, you’ve grasped some of the meaning by this point.
  3. Refer to the translation to get the exact meaning. Play the audio again.
  4. Check the pop-up dictionary for the vocabulary you don’t know, but don’t spend too much time worrying about the meaning of every term.
  5. Repeat the audio a couple of times. The phrase and its meaning should seem fairly familiar now when you hear it.
  6. Continue with the next sub (‘d’ key).
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How to Learn Languages Fast

As an intermediate learner, with every subtitle:

  1. Listen to the audio without looking at the text (use the ‘s’ key on your keyboard). Hopefully, you understand at least half of the content.
  2. Listen to the audio again while reading the default language text. At this point, you have ideally grasped mostly.
  3. Refer to the translation to get all the full meaning. Use the pop-up dictionary to look up any remaining unknown vocabulary.
  4. Listen to the audio again.
  5. Repeat with the next sub (‘d’ key).

For advanced levels:

  1. Listen to the audio without looking at the text (use the ‘s’ key on your keyboard). Hopefully, you understand at least 80% of what they’re saying.
  2. If necessary, consult the translation or use the pop-up dictionary to seek up any remaining unknown words.
  3. Listen to the audio again.
  4. Repeat with the next sub (‘d’ key).

If there’s something challenging or new grammar that you’re not sure about, don’t get stuck on it for too long. Continue moving through the subs.

It’s already pretty helpful to have been exposed to the new structure and be able to identify some meaning with it.

If it’s something essential to understand, you’ll see it again soon enough, and you’ll learn more about how it works.

Language Reactor Review: should you download it?

If like me, you get easily tired of school books and apps and spend too much energy learning, this is a GREAT alternative approach to keep practicing!

Let’s take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of installing the Chrome extension.

Pro Cons
  • Free download
  • Need YouTube subtitles to work
  • Easy setup and navigation
  • Only available on Chrome (at the moment)
  • Instant and accurate word translation
  • Only available on desktop
  • Word usage examples
  • Access to dictionary

I’d suggest you give it a shot, take a look around, and see if it matches your study methods or is something you could incorporate into your learning regimen.

And it’s completely free! If you don’t like it, simply uninstall it.

As long as the video has auto-generated subtitles, Language Reactor can translate in multiple languages.

So you’d basically be able to learn all the languages you want and talk like a native speaker!

Go ahead and download it, give it a shot, and let me know what you think!

Read also my LanguaTalk Review and these experts management tips for self-study.

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