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Find free Italian lessons with examples and explanations.

If you’re an absolute beginner in Italian, you’ll find our free Italian lessons very useful.

For instance, you’ll find 30 Italian video lessons for beginners and an Italian pronunciation guide.

With our posts, you’ll learn the Italian alphabet, how to write an email in Italian, how to conjugate Italian verbs.

In other words, you’ll find free resources to learn Italian.

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Learn Italian free 1
Free Italian lessons

Free Italian lessons

In this post, you’ll find information about how to learn Italian for free. We’ll talk about free Italian audio and video lessons. We’ll teach you

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Italian alphabet
Free Italian lessons

The Italian alphabet

The Italian alphabet: the basics What do you usually do when you want to start learning a new foreign language? Of course, learn the alphabet!

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24 Free Italian Lessons
Free Italian lessons

24 Free Italian Lessons

Are you an absolute beginner in Italian? Learn to speak online with these free Italian lessons. Includes audio pronunciation by a native Italian speaker.

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Italian is a Romance language, which means it is related to French, Spanish and other languages spoken in Northern Africa and the Middle East. Italian is also closely related to Portuguese, Catalan and other languages spoken in Spain.

Therefore, if you speak English, Spanish or French, you will find it easy to learn Italian. Italian is the world’s second most commonly spoken language, after Chinese.

Many Italians speak the language fluently, and many more can communicate in basic phrases and words. Italian is also an attractive study destination for many international students, and you will find many Italian language tutors in London.

What’s so great about Italian?

Italian is a beautiful language with many unique features. It’s a tonal language; words can have different meanings depending on how they are pronounced.

For example, the word ‘piano’ has a high tone, which means ‘flat’ or ‘level’, while ‘piano’ has a low tone, which means ‘key’ or ‘important’. Many Italian words and phrases also have a symbolic meaning that can be very creative and interesting.

Another thing that makes Italian so popular is that it can be easily picked up while traveling worldwide. You can learn basic phrases in Italian and have a basic conversation with locals in most European countries, as well as some Asian and African countries.

Italian pronunciation

Italian is a tonal language, meaning words have different meanings depending on how they are pronounced. However, there are a few rules and guidelines that will help you to get a basic grasp of pronunciation.

First of all, the letter ‘a’ is pronounced like ‘ah’, ‘e’ like ‘eh’, ‘i’ like ‘ee’, ‘o’ like ‘oh’, ‘u’ like ‘oo’ and ‘c’ like ‘ts’. There are also a few Italian words with unusual letters, such as ‘sc’, which is pronounced similar to ‘sh’ and ‘tzo’, which is pronounced similar to ‘tzoo’.

Learning vocabulary in a hurry

When you are just starting, you will find it helpful to memorize some basic vocabulary. You can use an Italian vocabulary list or flashcards to help you memorize words.

There are many great online resources where you can find many Italian vocabulary words and images, including Memrise and WordNet. You can also try writing down words and phrases on a Word document, punching them into an Italian study app or creating a slideshow of images.

For example, you could create a slideshow of images that help you to memorize the names of important Italian explorers and philosophers like Galileo, Machiavelli and Dante.

You could also create a slideshow of images that help you to memorize Italian vocabulary words related to food and drink, like images of Italian pasta, pizza and olive oil.

Conversation basics

During your first few conversations, it can be helpful to focus on simple conversation topics, such as asking about the weather or where the person you are talking to is from.

It cannot be easy to start a conversation with Italians, and waiting for the person to start talking to you is better!

If you want to practice your Italian conversation skills, you can try speaking to a friend or family member in Italian or a language exchange partner.

You can also create a conversation starter in a language exchange partner website such as, where you can find people from all over the world looking for conversation partners.

Tenses in Italian

Italian has six simple verb tenses that you can use to show how far in the past action was completed. You can use these tenses to indicate the time of day or of an event and talk about the weather or the time of day.

There are also three special Italian verb tenses that you can use to talk about the future, the present or the past. You can learn the most commonly used Italian verb tenses in the following Italian verb tense posts:

Verbs are key in Italian

Verbs are the most important part of any language, and Italian is no exception. Italian verbs come in many different forms and describe actions happening in the present, the future or the past.

For example, the verb ‘fare’ means ‘to do’, ‘to make’ or ‘to make happen’, and you can use this verb to talk about actions that are happening in the present.

For example, ‘il film sta facendo l’effetto’ means ‘the film is doing the effect’, which makes it sound like the action is happening right now!

Italian verbs can also be used to talk about actions that will happen in the future, and Italian has many different forms to indicate when an action is going to take place.

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