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Best apps to learn Italian

Master the Italian language with the best resources

As an Italian polyglot and language teacher, I’ve tried a lot of apps, courses, and websites to learn Italian.

Here are my top picks!

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The best online Italian courses cover many aspects of language learning. However, you might want to work on your listening and speaking skills. Here's how!

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Only the best apps to learn Italian

At the touch of our fingertips we have access to millions of apps.

The world’s most popular social media, games and news. Now, those of you looking for a more useful way to spend screen time, there is an easy solution.

Practicing foreign languages is more convenient than ever. There are tons of apps that use game-like scenarios to hook their users, making daily language sessions fun and addicting.

Those of you looking to learn Italian, you’re in luck. Here, we have listed and described which apps we think are worth giving a download.

Have you been meaning to brush up on your Italian skills? Perhaps you suddenly find yourself with a lot more free time, or maybe you decided that there is no time like the present to learn the language for your next trip. One of the easiest ways to plug into a new language and stick with it on the go is to use apps to learn Italian. 

How to choose the best resources?

Always wanted to learn Italian but didn’t know where to start? The huge number of language-learning apps now available means it’s easier than ever.

Language apps and courses are tailored to different needs so whether you just need to learn enough to order at your favorite trattoria or want to be able to tackle the works of Dante in the original language, you can brush up on the verbs, vocabulary, and phrases you need.

They’re cheaper than taking a course or investing in chunky textbooks, and many use algorithms that adapt to your skills so that you’ll learn faster.

Our phones are always at the ready, and these apps offer diverse ways to experience and improve the language. Maybe you have a couple of minutes during a public transportation commute to play word quizzes to increase your vocabulary.