Learn Italian Online: 5 Wonderful Ways

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These days, learning languages has become that much easier, with more than enough opportunity to learn Italian online.

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Learn Italian Online

Everywhere around the world, the Italian tongue is recognized as one of the most beautiful languages out there.

Learning Italian carries with it the opportunity to engage in a historically, scholarly, and musically rich culture.

Whether you’re seeking to improve your general vocabulary, your speaking, listening, or writing skills, or simply looking to have some fun.

In this post, we’re going to go through some of the best resources out there to help you learn Italian online.

Fortunately for us, learning a language in modern times doesn’t have to involve going through hell and high water to find someone in your local area who teaches the language you’re looking for.

It also doesn’t have to mean simply arriving in the country in question with a pocket dictionary and a head full of confusion.

Learning languages has never been easier and Italian is no exception! There are so many resources out there these days, choosing between them is the only real difficulty.

So, where to start if you’re looking to learn Italian online for beginners free?

The answer to that question largely depends on your personal goals, what are you trying to gain?

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Why Are You Learning Italian Anyway?

Everyone is going to have a different reason for learning Italian. Knowing why you’re doing it can help to guide you through the process with ease and efficiency.

If you’re just learning to prepare yourself for a pleasant holiday in Sardinia for a couple of days, then learning grammar structure and verb tenses will probably not be the best use of your time.

Knowing your reasons will help you to utilize the learn Italian online classes to the best of your advantage.

Let’s review the 5 wonderful ways to learn Italian online.

1. Italian Vocabulary

Whether you are a total beginner or climbing your way up to being an upper-intermediate, vocabulary is likely going to be an important part of your learn Italian online course of action.

Rosetta Stone’s method of language learning is based on the ‘acquisition model’ of language learning. This involves observing the facts and understanding through contextual cues.

This is a good method if you are looking to only learn vocabulary.

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2. Speaking and Conversing in Italian

One of the primary reasons that people learn new languages is to speak with natives from that country and get to know the culture.

Fortunately, the internet provides you with the wonderful opportunity to learn Italian online with native speakers.

Italki is a great language learning platform for you to use to get speaking straight away. You can browse through tutor profiles of your potentially new learn Italian online tutor.

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3. Listening Comprehension in Italian

Being able to understand Italian music, Italian movies, and conversation is arguably the most interesting aspect of learning the Italian language.

Luckily, there is a tonne of materials to learn Italian online free audio sources for us to browse through and choose from.

Translating your favourite Italian songs or listening to podcasts in Italian are great ways of exposing yourself to natural language use.

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4. Reading and Writing in Italian

So much of the value of the Italian language is the written word. Italian history is rich with poetry and scholarly books.

Alongside learn Italian online course free, there’s plenty of other great resources out there to compliment your reading comprehension.

Perhaps you’re not ready to dive headfirst into an 800 pages Italian classic, that’s okay. Italian short stories are a nice, light way of getting started on your reading journey.

5. Italian Grammar

So, maybe you’ve already been through all of the above and you’re looking for a new challenge.

You’ve been building an impressive repertoire of vocabulary, watched all of the Italian movies you could find, and been through all the learn Italian online courses under the sun. What’s next?

Arguably, one of the most difficult parts of this journey is Italian grammar. The rules of Italian grammar can be very specific and most likely differ greatly from your native language.

So, polishing your sentence structure, verb tenses, subject-object relations will help you cross over the bridge from being a novice to sounding like a pro speaker.

Last Thoughts

Whether you’re just a beginner looking to learn Italian online for the fun of it, or a professional who needs to improve on reading and writing, there’s something for everyone in the vast sea of online resources for learning Italian.

For more useful information about how to learn Italian see https://www.thinkinitalian.com/italian-learning-resources 

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