Italian Yacht Builders: Top 8 Brands


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Discover the pinnacle of Italian craftsmanship with our rundown of the top 8 luxury yacht brands. From Benetti’s heritage to Rossinavi’s custom designs, learn what makes these Italian marvels the masters of the sea.

  • Benetti: A testament to Italian excellence, Benetti yachts blend tradition with cutting-edge technology, offering a range of superyachts crafted in iconic shipyards.
  • Mangusta: For speed and luxury, Mangusta delivers with their sporty designs and custom yachts, all while maintaining that quintessential Italian flair.
  • Azimut: Azimut stands out for its aesthetic appeal, but it’s their innovative use of nanotechnology for sustainable coatings that truly sets them apart.
  • Riva: A legend in the Italian nautical scene, Riva combines historical charm with modern luxury, offering everything from sport yachts to 150-foot superyachts.
  • Sanlorenzo: Known for their stunning interiors and robust construction, Sanlorenzo’s yachts are a symbol of luxury and reliability.
  • CRN: With a focus on Italian design and sophistication, CRN’s custom yachts are a testament to the brand’s global leadership in shipbuilding.
  • Custom Line: As part of the Ferretti Group, Custom Line offers personalized fiberglass flying bridge yachts that redefine luxury on the water.
  • Rossinavi: Specializing in steel and aluminum, Rossinavi’s custom superyachts are the epitome of Italian craftsmanship and innovation.

The best Italian brands

Italian Yachts — a family of boats ranging more than 24 meters long, including the categories of superyachts (over 30 meters) and megayachts (over 60 meters) — are an especially important part of the overall market.

This article features the stories of 8 Italian yacht brands that were founded on the creativity, dedication, and bravery of their founders.

They are now experimenting with cutting-edge technology and creating the best Italian nautical architecture.

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Benetti is among the oldest producers of Italian luxury yachts, celebrating Italian excellence throughout the world.

Lorenzo Benetti established the shipyard in 1873 to build wood boats for local and foreign commercial use.

With the start of World War II, the shipyard started producing recreational steel boats. Later, in the 1960s, the company would begin construction on the first large-scale luxury yachts.

Azimut Spa acquired the yacht-building company in 1985, transforming it into a modern and technologically innovative company that is now recognized worldwide.

Benetti now manufactures superyachts in the shipyards of Viareggio, Fano, and Livorno.

Tre bellissime città che vale la pena visitare.

Three beautiful cities that are worth visiting.

Its lineup includes seven motor yacht types measuring 95 feet or longer. Custom boats in the super and giga yacht divisions are also produced by this Italian yacht builder.

Italian luxury yachts


Mangusta was founded in 1985 as a brand focusing on accessible, fast ships. Today, the company manufactures eight luxury sports yachts and five voyage superyachts ranging in size from 104 to 215 feet.

Per veri amanti degli yacht (for real yacht lovers), the company also sells custom yachts that can be built from the ground up.

The Balducci family owns the firm, which manufactures exquisite Italian boats in the Tuscan shipyards of Viareggio and Pisa.

Italian yachts builder


Azimut boats have a distinct and classically beautiful Italian style.

Azimut Yachts was born in 1969 to a young university student, Paolo Vitelli, who established Azimut Srl, a sailboat rental company.

In 1970, a few Italian luxury brands entrusted the new company with the distribution of their vessels throughout the Italian region.

According to business officials, the primary reason a customer chooses an Azimut yacht over another Italian luxury brand is its aesthetic appeal.

However, the firm has strengths in designing creative techniques and the use of nanotechnologies to produce long-lasting, anti-fouling coatings with a smaller effect on aquatic organisms.

Quindi, non solo meravigliosi ma anche di alta tecnologia.

So, not only beautiful but also high-tech.



Riva Motorboats’ historic yacht-building company is one of the most well-known of all “Made in Italy” nautical endeavors.

The brand’s origins can be traced back to 1852 in Sarnico, on the shores of Lake Iseo, where Pietro Riva has since become a legend of the Italian nautical scene.

Originally, the shipyard dealt with the restoration and building of local working boats (batel de pesca) and pleasure ships (canotto da passeggio).

Ernesto, Pietro’s uncle, recognized the importance of motors and started building larger and larger vessels.

The brand’s flagship models, which draw on its roots, are 50-80 ft. flybridge and sport yachts, as well as smaller, open models.

However, the firm also builds 150-foot superyachts.

sport yachts


Gianfranco Cecchi and Giuliano Pecchia founded the Sanlorenzo shipyard in Viareggio in 1958, manufacturing boats from their headquarters in the shed of the former Canottieri Berchielli.

It wasn’t until 1972, when Giovanni Jannetti took over, that the company became recognized as a sign of luxury, beauty, strength, and reliability with stunning interiors.

Sanlorenzo creates luxurious Italian sailing yachts and superyachts out of resin-infused fiberglass, aluminum, and steel.

Among the various specializations of the designer are naval architecture, yacht design, high-tech design, sales, and marketing.

Italian sailing yachts


Founded in Ancona in 1963 under the name Costruzioni e Riparazioni Navali (Shipbuilding and repairing) by entrepreneur Sanzio Nicolini, the shipyard would later adopt the acronym CRN, become a global leader and symbol of Italian design, sophistication, and excellence.

The CRN fleet currently consists of over 200 ships, including military and commercial ships as well as luxury yachts.

CRN, a worldwide symbol of innovation in Italian shipbuilding, builds yachts conceived by the owner’s imagination using the skills of its own hands.

luxury yachts

Custom Line

Custom Line was established in 1996 as an extension of Ferretti’s flybridge fleet, which at the time comprised vessels ranging in size from 12 to 25 meters.

Now, Custom Line is an exclusive line of yachts with all the features characteristic of fiberglass flying bridge planing yachts over 30 meters in length, as well as many personalization options.

Che lusso! magari mi invitassero ad una festa su uno questi yacht.

What a luxury! I wish someone would invite me to a party on one of these yachts.

Europe and the Mediterranean have long been the brand’s ancient stomping grounds, but Ferretti has recently made inroads into the Middle East, where its legendary comfort (both when driving and at rest) is valued.

Italian luxury brand


Rossinavi, based at the Rossi shipyard in Viareggio, northwestern Italy, is an Italian luxury yacht builder of steel and aluminum custom superyachts from 28m and up.

Claudio and Paride Rossi founded the original Rossi shipyard in the 1970s, focusing on carpentry and mechanics.

Because of the family’s tradition of expert knowledge in these areas, they were in the top position of architecture and principles.

Rossinavi specializes in aluminum and steel construction, and each yacht is built with exclusive components.

To ensure accuracy, the superyacht shipyard sources all components from authorized and accredited manufacturers.

superyacht shipyard

Luxury yacht brands around the world

Luxury yacht brands around the world have made a significant impact on the superyacht industry, catering to the desires of discerning individuals seeking opulent experiences on the open ocean.

Among these brands, Sunseeker stands out as one of the largest UK yacht builders, renowned for its production of large and extravagant vessels.

Sunseeker’s manufacturing facilities in Poole, Dorset, showcase their commitment to excellence and craftsmanship, producing superyacht models ranging from 116 to 161 feet in length.

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Their dedication to quality has solidified their position as a leader in the luxury yacht industry.

Moving across the globe to the Netherlands, we encounter prominent luxury yacht brands such as Heesen Yachts and Oceanco.

The Netherlands has long been recognized for its shipbuilding expertise, and these brands exemplify the nation’s commitment to maritime craftsmanship. 

Heesen Yachts, with its state-of-the-art facilities, has gained recognition for its exceptional yacht designs and engineering prowess.

Oceanco, in contrast, is well-known for its dedication to innovation and pushing the limits of yacht building, leading to stunning superyachts that adorn the seas worldwide.

The superyacht industry, spanning continents and countries, has captivated enthusiasts and adventurers alike.

Luxury yacht brands from various countries like the United States and the Netherlands have played a vital role in advancing the industry, establishing fresh benchmarks in terms of design, technology, and comfort.

The decks of these magnificent vessels have become stages for unforgettable experiences, blending luxury and adventure in a harmonious fashion.

Luxury yacht brands from around the world, including Sunseeker, Heesen Yachts, and Oceanco, have reshaped the superyacht industry.

Their modern facilities, exceptional skill in crafting, and dedication to innovation have transformed how we discover and experience the vastness of the ocean.

Whether it’s cruising on a Sunseeker yacht in the United States, admiring the engineering marvels of Heesen Yachts in the Netherlands, or indulging in the luxurious offerings of Oceanco’s superyachts, these brands have left an indelible mark on the world of luxury yachting.

The top 8 Italian brands

Buyers often wonder, “What is the Best Yacht Brand?” as many yacht brand names gain popularity, and several of them introduce new boats.

To answer this question, this article shared the stories of 8 Italian yacht brands that grew out of their founders’ innovation, passion, and courage.

Now you’re ready to get your luxury yacht and cruise around Italy.

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FAQs on Italian Yacht Builders: Top 8 Brands

What are the Italian yacht brands?

The most popular Italian Yachts are Benetti, Mangusta, Azimut, Riva, San Lorenzo, CRN, Custom Line, and Rossinavi.

Where are the Italian yachts built?

Viareggio is definitely the headquarter of many Italian yacht shipyards. Several Italian brands have their shipyards in Viareggio: among them, Benetti, San Lorenzo, Mangusta, and Rossinavi.

What sets Italian yacht brands apart from others?

Italian yacht brands are known for their impeccable attention to detail, innovative designs, and a perfect blend of elegance and performance. Their dedication to craftsmanship and using premium materials ensures that Italian yachts not only offer luxurious experiences but also deliver exceptional quality and seaworthiness.

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