30 Friendly Italian video lessons for beginners: Dolce Vita!

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Watching Italian video lessons on Youtube is an excellent way to get used to listening to native speakers from day 1.

In this post, I’ll introduce a lovely Youtube channel that should be more popular: Dolce Vita!

Why learn Italian on Youtube as a beginner?

Watching videos, especially in playlists, is a good way to practice listening on your own while having fun.

Every video is a chance to see and hear native speakers using their language.

Then, you can mimic them, take notes, and use their expressions in our conversations.

Many of these Italian playlists come with captions, supporting text, or visual aids to help you understand what you’re hearing.

This boosts both your listening and reading comprehension skills.

You can watch these videos on your own schedule and at your own pace. Slow down the audio if you need to understand better.

Watch a video every morning as you get ready for work. It’s up to you!

While some kinds of video material like the news or movies are too difficult to follow for beginners, you can still find learning resources for beginners.

However, some Italian video courses on Youtube are skewed toward grammar and can be boring.

So, how do you choose Italian video lessons on Youtube?

dolce vita italian youtube

How to choose a Youtube channel to learn Italian for beginners?

Right level

First, the Italian video lessons should match your level.

If you’re a beginner, there’s no point in watching the news that is spoken too fast for you or movies that use slang that you can’t catch.

On the other side, when finding YouTube channels or playlists, you should look for resources that continue to challenge you as your knowledge grows.

This will help you keep your momentum up in your studies.

If the videos are collected into a playlist, you won’t need to waste time searching for new videos.

You won’t need to get familiar with a new video’s style or a new narrator’s accent every time your skills jump up.

learn italian videos


Second, Italian video lessons should be interesting and entertaining.

After all, if you wanted to go through a bunch of grammar rules, you would just grab a textbook, right?

As with any learning activity, if you don’t enjoy what you’re watching, you won’t get anything from it.

So look for animated hosts, funny lessons, and other quirks that might catch your attention.

Make sure you enjoy the Italian video lessons you’re watching!

italian language learning videos


Third, both the playlist and each video per se should cover different aspects of the language: pronunciation, grammar, conversation, etc.

Look for Italian lessons on Youtube that give you a variety of learning experiences.

As long as you can shake it up from time to time you’ll keep your learning interesting.

italian lessons youtube

Learn Italian in 30 days with la Dolce Vita

There are tons of playlists of Italian video lessons for beginners on Youtube.

Probably, you already know some major Youtube channels to learn Italian like learn Italian with Lucrezia.

Today, I’d like to introduce Dolce Vita, a small but popular channel made by Luca and Marina.

learn italian youtube

On this channel, you find a playlist with 30 Italian video lessons for total beginners.

This playlist from the Italian learning channel Dolce Vita (Good Life) promises essential language skills in a month.

The hosts will teach you common words and phrases, and demonstrate how they’re used in real-life situations.

Marina and Luca, the channel’s hosts, bring energy and fun into the lessons they teach.

italian lessons online youtube

They’re friendly and lighthearted while keeping their Italian video lessons focused because the course follows a plan.

If you find you need a break from language learning videos, you can also check out the rest of their channel.

They have videos on Italian cooking, Italian culture, travel, and even a few silly ones.

This can help break up your language focus time into more manageable and enjoyable chunks.

Dolce Vita is always entertaining and educational!

learn italian youtube

Learn faster with a workbook

Luca and Marina’s course “Learn Italian in 30 days” comes with a workbook to retain more from their Italian video lessons.

Free Guide
How to Learn Languages Fast

Why do you need the workbook?

  • Watching the videos is only half of the work. After that, you need to review and practice what you’ve just watched.
  • To review key concepts in one place. No need to take notes!

italian video course

The workbook includes:

  • Vocabulary. You’ll find a list of vocabulary for every lesson of the course Italian in 30 days on Youtube.
  • 50+ tasks with answers. Learn more expressions, improve grammar, and get a better grasp of the language.
  • Rules and tables. They make it easy for you to review everything covered in the Italian video lessons.

Memorize vocabulary with mindmaps

A mind map is a chart used to show the different ideas associated with a particular concept.

Dolce Vita provides 10 video-audio mindmaps about topics that are relevant to travelers to Italy.

They’re an easy and fun way to remember 500 expressions for traveling and life in Italy that are introduced in the Italian video lessons.

These are the topics covered in the mindmaps:

  1. 55 common expressions
  2. Meeting new people
  3. Eating out
  4. Traveling
  5. In the city
  6. Italian for every day
  7. At the hotel
  8. Shopping
  9. Health and medicine
  10. Romantic Italian

It’s certainly a creative way to learn vocabulary, much more interesting than wordlists!

learn italian video lessons

After these Italian video lessons, practice speaking!

Dolce Vita’s 30-video playlist covers the very basics of the Italian language.

It’s an excellent primer on Italian conversation for travelers.

However, passively watching a 7-minute Italian video lesson won’t make you fluent.

You need to put into practice what you’ve just watched.

If you study by yourself, that can be difficult to achieve.

ripeti con me top

That’s why I recommend the Italian audio course Ripeti Con Me to complement the video lessons.

The first lessons of this course cover the same vocabulary and grammar patterns as Dolce Vita’s videos.

Thus, they’re the ideal material to boost your progress during and after Dolce Vita’s video course.

Life is sweeter when you make progress!

Still translating in your head? Wanna speak Italian for real? Check out Stefano's courses to think directly in Italian and become fluent fast!


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