Italian Short Stories with Slow Audio​

Simple, entertaining short stories for beginners and intermediate speakers with slow audio, Italian transcript, and English translation to help you improve your listening and reading skills.

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Latest Italian Short Stories

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What's in a Reading?

Slow Audio

Every Italian text is read by a native speaker at a slow but natural pace to catch every word.

Italian Transcript

There's an Italian transcript to read along if you need a visual aid.

English Translation

No need to look up new words with the complete English translation!

Is it for me?

This podcast is for you if...

You enjoy learning something new

There’s a whole treasure trove of interesting and challenging material to get you to practice listening and reading.

You want to start thinking in Italian like a natural

Repeat what you hear and resist the temptation to look at the translation right away. I’m confident you’ll be thinking in Italian in a couple of days.

You want to make the most of your time

Listen to the material while commuting or exercising. You can do it anywhere!

You have time to practice a little every day

Being consistent is key!

This podcast is NOT for you if...

You’ll just listen passively and not properly

To make true progress, you have to speak and not just listen and read.

You’re too busy to practice daily

Many casual learners fail because they skip classes. Try to find an extra 5-10 minutes per day to listen to a story.

Short stories to practice reading and listening

Listen to original Italian short stories read by a native speaker at a slow pace!

A challenging way to...

The ideal podcast for beginners to intermediate Italian speakers

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How to Learn Italian with these Readings

Learn in 4 Steps

Here’s a simple plan to learn effectively with these readings.

To get the most out of your short story, piece of news, or conversation, I suggest this 4-step approach.

1. Skim

Read the story for the gist, not the details. The first time, focus on trying to understand the main ideas of the story: the characters, the major plot developments, and the setting.

2. Scan

Take your time to read it again carefully. Look up unknown words, phrases, or grammatical constructions that are unfamiliar to you. Write them down in a notebook or on flashcards to help you memorize them.

3. Look up

Look at the translation to read the story one more time. This way, you understand the text fully and have access to the translations and explanations.

4. Sum up

For further practice, I recommend writing a summary of the story. This way, you'll have a more complete understanding of it and make new vocabulary and grammar topics easier to memorize.

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There's no need to...

Catch every word

Listening is more difficult than reading. Don't be anxious to catch every single word right away. Don't stop the audio!

Look up every word

When you stop to look up words, you lose the flow. First, try to rely on the Italian version.

Here you find easy Italian texts for beginners (A1 and A2) and intermediates (B1 and B2) to practice reading in the Italian language.

Writing is a beautiful, expressive part of this elegant language. Now, we have a simple, challenging online exercise to sharpen and evaluate your reading comprehension.

A professional teacher prepared brief texts, interesting articles, and everyday conversations and created challenging questions of understanding that follow each one.

You can even download them as pdf and print any text you wish. It’s an enjoyable, fun and free way to learn and improve.

For Level A1, Level A2, and Level B1. That means, Italian reading for beginners and intermediate learners.

This material is perfect as comprehensible input.

For spaced repetition, read the same story again after a night of sleep.

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Italian reading: books for beginners and intermediate learners?

If you’re one of those who like me who love the smell of paper, but you’re not lucky enough to be in Italy to step into a bookstore in Italy, choose from this collection of books with Italian short stories at beginner and intermediate levels.

There’s a variety of free Italian texts for beginners to practice reading.

You can search for books on Amazon and read them on your Kindle, but it’s faster to search online and these stories are not found in any book. It’s hard to search text from a book, whether on paper or on Kindle.

My view is that it’s the best way of learning new words while having fun – an easy Italian text.

italian text

Stories for beginners and intermediate level

Do you enjoy reading stories?

If you just started, check out these Italian short stories for beginners.

In this section, read our entertaining short stories for beginners or intermediate learners.

You will improve your reading fluency and comprehension and develop your vocabulary.

You will have fun reading, learn a lot of new words, and understand talian better!

Short chapters, so you can finish each story easily and not get frustrated!

Carefully chosen vocabulary that is not too hard for you. Most books have too many difficult words, but this book is perfect for intermediate level!

You do not have to use the dictionary all the time – instead, you can keep reading and enjoy the stories.

Grammar at the right level for intermediate level learners, so you can learn new grammar without feeling frustrated.

Easy Italian text for beginners

Reading in Italian… why is it so hard?

Italian story books for beginners are too long, while these stories are short and simple, and contain useful words. They’re enjoyable fiction for beginners.

Learning with books can be boring, and reading on Amazon’s Kindle can be tiring. A small screen is hard to view. A Kindle book is more convenient than traditional books, but it’s still not ideal.

For reading in Italian, all you need is an Italian text with English translation and slow audio.

Since short stories for intermediate learners are, by nature, short, you can use them to squeeze a lot into a relatively small span of time. That’s more convenient than a book, even on Amazon’s Kindle.

Reading short stories is a great way to get quick, informal doses of language practice. You don’t need to search for books: here you find the entire collection of texts to read Italian stories.

A tip: read the text in Italian, first. Only after you’re done reading, take a look at the English translation.

Easy short stories in Italian offer exposure to simple, natural sentence structure.

This makes these texts in Italian great for beginners just getting accustomed to this foreign language and intermediate speakers who want to maintain their language competency.

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A short story is a great way to start your day!

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Download this podcast of Italian text for beginners

It’s fun with these stories with everyday themes. This collection of Italian texts for beginners makes use of simple yet entertaining stories to help you master Italian.

  • Italian short stories for beginner pdf free
  • Italian short stories for intermediate learners pdf free

By covering a diverse range of grammar structures and vocabulary (words), and supplementing it with audio, you can improve your reading and writing skills, and even practice your listening and pronunciation.

Improve your listening skills with these stories for children and beginners!

With the help of the free audio, you can give your listening skills a boost as well as practice your pronunciation. Recorded by a professional voice talent from Italy, the stories are narrated using a standard accent and slightly slower speed than how actual people speak.

italian reading for beginners free

Italian text with English translation

Easy Italian stories for children and adults allow beginners and low-intermediate learners to grasp the narration properly. Extra care has also been given to the recording of the audio to ensure a pleasurable listening experience for learners.

Master the language, an Italian short story a day!

Listening to short stories or news with slow audio is an effective and enjoyable method. It’s more effective than reading long books, also because books usually don’t come with audio or translation. You can view the Italian transcript and the English translation without any special software.

For those of you who can’t just slip away from life, travel to Italy, and immerse yourself in a foreign language in order to learn it, this is your solution!

Just reading a story in Italian will make you feel like you’re in Italy.

Reading and listening to native-spoken Italian stories to read is the next best thing, and much better than books.

italian stories to read

Beginners will love these Italian short stories

When you’re still a beginner or intermediate-level learner, it can be difficult to find materials to practice reading.

You will also need to consult a dictionary while you’re reading Italian, and without audio accompaniment, you will find it difficult to catch new words and how they’re pronounced by native speakers. It’s easy to get confused.

Italian reading practice should be complicated, right?

With easy Italian reading for beginners, reading and listening to short stories can be a fun and painless way of mastering this language.

Easy Italian short stories will introduce you to new vocabulary and sentence structures, while the accompanying audio material will help you with listening comprehension.

italian paragraph

You also find an English translation to view in case you just can’t guess the meaning of the text.

Reading and listening improves your comprehension skills and helps you formulate better sentences.

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Italian reading for beginners, free

Italian reading for beginners is an excellent way to expand vocabulary.

That’s why I collected these texts for beginners (A1 and A2) and intermediates (B1 and B2) to practice reading in Italian.

Reading short stories is an effective way to improve your Italian reading and listening comprehension skills. In other words, easy Italian reading.

italian texts for beginners

Through learning in this way, you will be able to improve your skills without the monotonous chore of memorizing grammar rules.

This works especially for beginners! Easy, right?

We all love stories

Through the eyes of a character in a story, we can live their lives and enrich our lives.

That’s why I recommend reading: not only to improve your language skills, but also to broaden your horizons and learn about other cultures.

The stories available here tell about daily life and important events of people in Italy and give an insight into Italians’ life and culture.

You’ll also be surprised to know how much people across different cultures have in common.

Accelerate your learning

These resources come in all shapes and sizes and can help you get to know:

  • Grammar
  • Slang
  • Iomatic expressions

Unlike novels or other long forms of content, short stories are easy to digest.

Italians are storytellers by nature, and Italy is n the birthplace of some of the greatest writers in history.

Whether you are passionate about poetry, thrillers, or mysteries, here are some great resources that can help feed your thought.

This website is a great resource if you’re a beginner. It’s easy to navigate and contains lots of practical examples.

This is a great collection of simplified Italian short stories on different topics.

Italian easy readers

Italian easy readers are Italian-English bilingual texts with slow audio.

That’s all you need for your daily Italian reading practice. Read Italian online, 100% free!

Each Italian paragraph of an Italian story is a step towards fluency:

  • Italian paragraph for beginners
  • Italian paragraph about family
  • Italian paragraph about love
  • Italian paragraph about myself

With new texts being added regularly, this collection is an endless source of Italian reading for beginners, free.

Since these stories are often pretty straightforward, you don’t need to be a professional reader.

italian short stories for intermediate learners pdf

In these Italian short stories to read, you find new vocabulary (words) that you can immediately put to use in everyday life. Practice your listening skills by listening to a native speaker narrating the stories.

  • Enjoyable stories
  • Varied vocabulary and sentence structures
  • Easy grammar for beginners
  • Audio for listening practice
  • English translation

Discover them one by one!

This collection of Italian short stories is part of the plan “Leggi con me!“, which also includes  Italian conversations and news in slow Italian.

Your Italian Language Coach

Ciao! My name is Stefano. I am an Italian tutor and course author.

As a serial language learner, I’ve lectured in polyglot clubs about my method.

After learning 12 languages, I can tell you that we all master languages by listening and mimicking.

With my method, you’ll be speaking Italian from Lesson 1.

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Frederica – UK


“Ripeti con me!” has been the best language learning experience I’ve had.  

I have always been really shy about speaking languages, and the fact that you are speaking from the very first day really builds your confidence, makes you much more fluent, in terms of how you’re thinking in the language.

It’s been a real change for me. I couldn’t recommend it enough!

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I have been taking lessons with Stefano for a year and a half. Stefano is an excellent teacher. Thanks to him, my Italian has improved dramatically.

Stefano understands all aspects of the Italian language. He has a lot of experience, not only in teaching Italian but also in language learning. This makes him an ideal teacher. I highly recommend him!

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I really like learning Italian on Think in Italian. It’s a no-nonsense method that appeals to me – no time wasted doing exercises or playing games.

[Its sentences] are well thought out and they can be adapted to real conversation pretty easily.

No memorization either. It’s right to the point.

"Stefano is a fantastic educator. I recommend his lessons to all language lovers."
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