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I’m originally from Argentina but grew up in Italy, so I’m bilingual. I love languages, which is why I studied French and Linguistics in London. I’m a grammar nerd and I love finding out about the meaning of words.

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Today, we’re going to talk about different study plans to study Italian with Italian learning resources.

We’ll also recommend some podcasts, dictionaries, and websites to read news in Italian.

italian learning resources plans study

Different plans to study Italian

Learning Italian requires mastering various skills.

Before you start learning, you probably wonder or want to know how long it’ll take you to learn Italian and how much you’ll spend.

This is why we made a free online tool for you to:

  • calculate how many study hours you need to commit every week to reach your target level;
  • select the best learning resources;
  • put those learning resources together into a complete weekly study schedule;
  • set a realistic deadline.

This calculator takes the following information as input to suggest the right study plan:

  • skills in your native language
  • skills in foreign languages
  • current Italian level
  • target Italian level
  • deadline

These are the 5 schedule templates to learn Italian:

Time commitment: 7 hours/week

Budget: 100 US$/month

Time commitment: 14 hours/week

Budget: 200 US$/month

Time commitment: 4 hours/week

Budget: 50US$/month

Time commitment: 7 hours/week

Budget: free

Time commitment: 4 hours/week

Budget: free

Best resources to learn Italian

Read more about different plans to study Italian.

Podcasts in Italian

If you’re learning Italian, you might want to try listening to podcasts.

It’s ok if you don’t understand everything. Actually, it’s ok even if you don’t understand most of it.

It’s fine because, that way, your brain gets used to the sounds of Italian, which is great.

Of course, you won’t learn Italian just by listening to podcasts.

That’s why you also need to learn Italian in other ways. But podcasts can be extra practice.

Here’re some podcasts you could try listening to:

Best podcasts to learn Italian 1

Find out more about podcasts in Italian.

Italian dictionaries online

When you learn a language, it is essential to have a good dictionary at hand.

As you know, you can find a vast range of practically anything on the Internet, and it is also true for dictionaries.

Free ebook
How to Learn Languages Fast

A good dictionary though must be clear, easy to understand, and complete.

If you’ve been studying Italian for a while, and feel up to it, I strongly recommend using an Italian-Italian dictionary.

Here you will not find the translation of a word, but its explanation in Italian, which will help you develop your language skills more rapidly and build a vaster vocabulary!

Here are the best dictionaries, available online:

If you’re looking for good bilingual dictionaries, here’s a list:

These are two contextual dictionaries:

Online resources to learn Italian

Read more about Italian dictionaries.

News in Italian

There are plenty of Italian news websites to choose from.

Whether you are learning basic and recurring words or complex and industry-specific ones, by looking at online media regularly, not only will your vocabulary expand, but you will also learn about sentence construction, syntax, grammar, and conjugation.

Here’s a couple of Italian news websites:

Here a collection of newspapers with news in Italian:

Read the news in Italian

Read more about news in Italian.

Are you serious about learning Italian? Check out our premium resources to become fluent fast!

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