6 Best Italian Courses Online in 2024


Key Takeaways

Discover the secrets to mastering Italian online! This comprehensive guide explores the top courses and strategies to become fluent, from audio immersion to one-on-one tutoring. Dive in and start speaking Italian like a native! 🇮🇹🗣️

  • Embrace Speaking: To learn Italian quickly, prioritize speaking. Use courses like Ripeti Con Me that focus on audio repetition and speaking practice. 🎧
  • Comprehensible Input: Choose courses offering comprehensible input, where you’re immersed in Italian through native speaker interactions. It’s like a language bath! 🛁
  • Patience is Key: Be patient and consistent. Learning a language doesn’t happen overnight, but with daily practice, you’ll see progress. 🐢
  • Grammar Light: Don’t get bogged down by grammar. Start speaking even if it’s not perfect. Mistakes are part of the journey! 🚫📚
  • Make it Personal: Turn your to-do list into an Italian learning session. Write tasks in Italian to naturally integrate the language into your daily life. ✍️
  • YouTube Immersion: Dive into Italian YouTube videos. Repetition is your friend; watch and rewatch until you can follow along and speak with the video. 📺
  • Read Aloud: Read materials in both English and Italian. It helps to hear the language and build vocabulary. Plus, it’s a great pronunciation exercise! 🔊
  • Interactive Learning: Engage with courses like Pimsleur that require active participation, making the learning process more dynamic and effective. 💬
  • Imitate Accents and Gestures: Pay attention to the unique accents and gestures of Italians. It’s not just about the words; it’s the culture too! 🤌
  • Explore AI Tutors: If you lack a conversation partner, consider an Italian AI tutor. Get real-time feedback and practice speaking at any level. 🤖👩‍🏫

Quick facts

What is the most crucial aspect for beginners learning Italian?

Speaking daily is essential. Engaging in conversation helps develop fluency and confidence, which are vital for mastering any language.

How does comprehensible input accelerate language learning?

Comprehensible input allows learners to hear, see, and connect words in context, making it easier to understand and use the language naturally.

Why might 1-on-1 mentoring be less accessible for language learners?

1-on-1 mentoring sessions can be expensive, making online courses a more affordable and flexible alternative for many learners.

How can Ripeti Con Me help improve Italian speaking skills?

Ripeti Con Me focuses on repetition and speaking practice, helping learners internalize vocabulary and grammar through constant use.

How does immersion benefit language learners?

Immersion exposes learners to native speakers and real-life contexts, accelerating language acquisition by making practical connections with everyday usage.

What is a unique feature of the Pimsleur Italian course?

Pimsleur uses an interactive, spaced repetition system, engaging learners to actively participate and respond to questions, simulating real-life conversation.

Why might Michael Thomas Total Italian be ideal for beginners?

This course provides practical learning with gradual progression, focusing on essential vocabulary and basic conversational skills without overwhelming grammar rules.

How does Rocket Italian cater to learners?

Rocket Italian offers structured lessons with lifetime access, allowing learners to progress at their own pace with consistent 20-minute sessions.

What is a limitation of the Rosetta Stone Italian course?

Rosetta Stone focuses on vocabulary acquisition through visuals, but lacks comprehensive grammar instruction like conjugations and gender agreements.

What platforms offer personalized 1-on-1 Italian lessons?

Platforms like Italki, Verbling, Preply, and Verbal Planet provide tailored tutoring, allowing learners to receive individualized feedback and instruction.

My Thoughts

What are the best online Italian courses?

This is the question that always pops into my mind. How to learn Italian fast?

Well, some may say that online Italian courses are one of the best ways to learn, so we’ll talk about that in this article and see if that’s the way.

When it comes to beginners, speaking is the most important part. You need to practice speaking every day in order to master a foreign language.

Although the best method is to start some 1-on-1 mentoring sessions, those can be a little expensive, so you go back to the beginning and try to find Italian courses online. 

The best part is that it’s never too late to start learning Italian. And speaking is the best way to start.

italian courses best online language course

An online Italian lesson such as “Ripeti Con Me” can definitely help you take your speaking skills to the next level. It will give you a boost and you will be able to start speaking on your own!

The fastest and easiest way to learn Italian, or any other language, is through comprehensible input.

Happily, “Ripeti Con Me” is based on comprehensible input. Immersion works well and fast because you get to practice Italian with a native speaker.

You hear the words, you see the words, and you start making important connections.

There’s a difference between following a classic online Italian language course and a fully comprehensible one, as you need to know how Italians speak in their daily lives, not just the basics.

An academic approach will not be very helpful for you if you’re planning to visit Italy for any reason.

Today, we’ll guide you and help you discover Best Italian language courses. 

italian online courses 1

What is the best way to learn the Italian language online?

The best way to learn the Italian language online on your own is by focusing on what you’re probably overlooking – speaking.

If you study alone and don’t have a conversation partner or an Italian teacher, what would you do? Read? Listen to podcasts? Watch the news? Memorize Italian grammar rules and vocabulary. If you’re looking for the best program to become fluent in Italian, there are several options to consider.

That’s not necessarily bad, but, since the best way to master a language naturally is by listening and speaking, you should use language learning resources that come with audio and prompt you to speak as Ripeti con me.

How To Speak Fluent Italian?

Well, in general, I have some recommendations for beginners who want to start learning Italian. It’s all about following a small list of guidelines and being perseverant.

  • Be patient: nothing ever happens overnight, but if you constantly work on yourself and try to improve every single aspect of yourself, then you will definitely start seeing the results soon enough. Every student needs to put time into studying the language’s grammar and vocabulary, and of course, an online course can help with that. Just by starting, you’re already halfway there.
  • Don’t stress about grammar: Remember that even though you may not know the grammar so well, you don’t need to be afraid of speaking. Everyone, including native speakers, makes mistakes, and it’s perfectly ok. The fear of making a mistake may stop you from learning at your full potential, and that’s not what you want.

 best online italian courses,

  • Make your to-do in Italian: This way, you will learn very fast all the necessary words and Italian phrases you use on a daily basis, and that’s where you need to start. Try using full sentences and also include verbs when you can.
  • Surf YouTube – The place where you can find almost every piece of information you need is YouTube. You can start with easy video lessons and listen to them speaking for 5 to 10 minutes every day. It would be best if you had the patience to listen to one movie multiple times until you completely understand everything in it. At some point, you will naturally start talking along with them.

best online italian course 1

How To Learn Italian Quickly?

Besides the always-practice advice, there are a few tricks you can do. Of course, an online Italian language course is a good option, but you can also try reading the same piece of material in English and Italian.

The best way to become fluent in Italian is to immerse yourself in the language as much as possible. Start by enrolling in a reputable Italian language course or hiring a tutor who can provide structured lessons.

Pick any English Wikipedia page, read it, and then start reading the Italian version. If you choose something you are familiar with and perfectly understand in English, you shouldn’t have a problem adapting it to Italian.

Remember that you will get the best results if you read aloud. You want to know how those words sound.

The next step you need to take is to start building your vocabulary. You can easily do this by starting to write down all the words you learn in a notebook.

Every time you look one up in the dictionary, highlight it. This way you will easily remember all the words when you look again.

learn italian online course

After you have your vocabulary notebook in place, it’s time to start practicing.

Listen and repeat every bit of Italian you come across.

It may be very hard at first, but after a few sessions, things will start getting a little easier for you. You don’t necessarily need an online Italian class for it!

Something you may not hear from many people is to listen and imitate.

This may sound weird at first, but Italians sometimes have very distinctive accents and gestures you need to get accustomed to.

This is not something you’ll learn from online Italian language courses though but from real Italian native speakers!

 best italian courses online,

Learning With Italian Classes Online

If you’re looking for the best course to improve Italian skills, you’re in the right place. Learning a new language can be both exciting and challenging, but with the right resources, you can make remarkable progress. There are numerous options available to enhance your Italian skills, including online courses, language schools, and immersive programs.

However, it’s important to find a course that suits your learning style and goals.

If over ten years ago it was very normal for Italian learners to go ahead and find the best language books in libraries, nowadays, we all have access to the internet, and to online Italian courses.

Technically, besides tremendous amounts of practice, all you need is an extensive Italian online course.

Most of the Italian lessons available now are perfectly responsive to our smartphones, meaning that you can easily learn on the go, wherever you are.

interactive italian course 1

There is a huge number of online Italian courses and apps you can choose from, and it’s hard to say which one is the best.

It’s very important to decide what you are looking for in an online Italian course.

Maybe you want group lessons, or maybe you’re the type for 1-on-1 classes. And what learning approach would you prefer? Do you want language immersion or you’d rather focus on grammar lessons?

In reality, no online Italian class will be able to answer all those questions, but you can go ahead and choose a range of courses you like.

Start with the basics and move on to more advanced Italian courses as you get deeper into the Italian language.

The Best Italian Language Course Online to Become Fluent

If you’re looking to master the Italian language and become fluent, there are several exceptional online courses and programs available that can help you achieve your goal. One of the best Italian language courses online is designed to provide a comprehensive and immersive learning experience. This program offers a structured curriculum, interactive lessons, and a supportive online community.

To become fluent in Italian, the best online course in Italian focuses on all aspects of language learning, including vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The course incorporates engaging exercises, real-life conversations, and cultural insights to enhance your language skills effectively.

When seeking the best program to become fluent in Italian, it’s important to choose a course that offers a balanced approach, combining both theory and practical application. The program should provide ample opportunities for practice through speaking exercises, conversation practice, and interactive activities that simulate real-world situations.

While enrolling in a course to be fluent in Italian is essential, it’s also vital to adopt additional strategies to enhance your language proficiency. Supplementing your studies with other resources, such as language exchange partners, Italian movies, music, and literature, can greatly accelerate your progress. Immerse yourself in the language as much as possible to reinforce what you learn in your course.

Top 6 Best Italian Language Courses for 2023

If you’re looking to become fluent in Italian, enrolling in a comprehensive course is the ideal way to achieve your goal. Taking a structured course to be fluent in Italian provides you with a systematic and organized approach to language learning.

Through a well-designed curriculum, you’ll be introduced to the fundamentals of Italian grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. I know, it’s hard to choose a favourite, but these 5 online Italian courses are everything you need right now to start speaking like a native speaker and improve your language skills.

italian audio course ripeti con me

Ripeti Con Me : Best Audio Course


  • Speaking Emphasis: Focuses on speaking and repetition
  • Learn Grammar Naturally: Picks up grammar organically through practice.
  • Spaced repetition without getting monotonous.
  • Convenient Lesson Length: Each lesson is approximately 20 minutes long, making it easy to fit into daily schedules without becoming tedious.


  • Single Learning Method: Relies heavily on audio repetition.
  • Limited Grammar Instruction: Lacks explicit grammar teaching.

Ripeti Con Me is one of the best Italian courses online you can find. It focuses on speaking and repeating what you hear. It’s especially useful because it’s completely intuitive.

The sentences are repetitive enough for you to learn, but not repetitive enough for you to get bored with them.

This course starts from a complete beginner level, and it mainly focuses on essential vocabulary. It goes at a slow pace, and it’s excellent to just listen to it wherever you are.

By constantly hearing and repeating similar sentences, you will be able to start speaking Italian faster than ever.

As the audio lessons Ripeti Con Me advance, small changes are going to be made in the sentences, moving different components around, in, and out.

If you’re looking for the best ways to improve Italian, there are several effective strategies you can try. First and foremost, immerse yourself in the language as much as possible. Surround yourself with Italian content like books, movies, and music, and try to practice listening and speaking every day.

This way, you will start learning how new words and sentences are formed. Now, the grammar part is not explicitly taught, but you will start picking it up as you move through the audio lessons.

italian language course online

Ripeti Con Me!” continuously prompts you to speak, and that’s where the name comes from. It literally means “repeat with me” and by doing so, you will master the language!

In this online Italian course you will:

  • Improve your pronunciation;
  • Think directly in Italian;
  • Speak faster, and with confidence;
  • Easily retain vocabulary;
  • Master grammar patterns;

If I had to only choose one tool, then this would definitely be the one online Italian course I would choose.

You can go ahead and check an in-depth review of “Ripeti con me!” and see for yourself that it’s what you need!

Italian language audio course review Pimsleur

Pimsleur Italian : Best course for beginners


  • Interactive Learning: Encourages active participation, fostering a more engaging learning experience.
  • Spaced Repetition System: Utilizes effective intervals for listening and reading materials, aiding in memory retention.


  • Lack of Advanced Content
  • Slow Pace Might Not Suit All

Pimsleur is one of the leaders when it comes to online Italian courses, and it can be a great place to start as a beginner.

The creator, Paul Pimsleur, realized how important participation was in the process of language learning. Usually, in the Spaced Repetition System, people used memorization.

This means listening and reading the materials at determined intervals.

Now, the interesting part, is that Pimsleur encourages the students to take his online Italian course, to say something, or respond to a native’s question.

By using this system, the lessons become interactive, instead of just regular courses.

It’s slow-paced, making it one of the best Italian courses online, and it’s perfectly good for beginners who want to learn and don’t expect anything out of the ordinary.

By being constantly involved in the language learning process, answering the questions, and doing your best to find the right answers, you will see how it would be if you were in a daily life situation and you would have to engage in an Italian conversation with a native.

michel thomas italian 1

Michael Thomas’ Total Italian : Best course for the basics


  • Focused on Practical Learning
  • Gradual Progression


  1. Primarily a beginner course
  2. Non-Native Instructor

In general, when you are a complete beginner and looking for online classes, you may get overwhelmed by the many courses you find. If you’re looking to learn Italian from the comfort of your own home, you’ll be delighted to discover the best Italian course online.

Of course, not all of them are good for what you need, and not all of them will get you to where you want.

You need to start seeing results relatively fast, because otherwise, you may be completely disappointed and eventually, give up.

If you’re beginning, you need to choose a language course online that will provide you with the required knowledge, and of course, with things that you will actually get to use.

If you start with extensive grammar lessons you won’t get to see how beautiful the language is before you quit.

Michael Thomas Total Italian has one of the best Italian lessons online that really immerse the students into the Italian lifestyle.

You start by learning some of the basic concepts and slowly add to them until you get a base to work with.

Although Michael Thomas sometimes takes the time to explain some grammar points, it’s not what this online Italian course focuses on.

It’s going to feel like you are learning a lot of new concepts, but in a fast manner, so it’s going to be very fulfilling for you, as a beginner student.

At the end of the course, you are supposed to be able to have a basic Italian conversation with a native speaker and understand a big deal of what he is saying.

You need to keep in mind that this is no guarantee, and it all depends on how much time you are willing to invest in it.

It’s also worth mentioning that it’s after all, a beginner course, and you will only get to learn the basics, and not from a native, as Michael Thomas is not Italian.

Even so, most people like him and his course, so if you get the chance, it may not be a bad idea to check it out.

rocket italian 1

Rocket Italian : Best for basic conversations


  • Structured Learning: Provides access to 33 lessons focusing on fundamental Italian language concepts.
  • Lifetime Access


  • Lack of Consistency: Information presented in diverse ways may lack uniformity, potentially causing confusion for some learners.
  • Limited Depth in Content: While comprehensive, the course may not delve deeply into certain advanced or nuanced aspects of the language.

If you’re looking for the best Italian language course, look no further! Rocket Italian is one of the most effective online Italian courses out there, and it’s not exactly the most expensive.

You get access to 33 lessons where you will start learning the important fundamentals of Italian.

After that, you can start working with “Language and Culture”, which is an online Italian course that goes a little more in-depth and eventually helps you become a fluent Italian speaker.

On top of that, the creators have prepared a series of materials where you can test and improve your Italian pronunciation, and you will learn and understand everything much faster and better,

Each lesson is around 20 minutes long, so you won’t get the chance to get bored, and you can easily listen to it whenever you go to work, school, or simply when you have 20 minutes to spare.

Now, the information in Rocket Italian is presented in many ways, not being exactly consistent, but this way, it makes sure that many people will relate to it, and it will be very useful for them.

When you buy this online Italian course, you will receive the audio course, as well as the grammar course, which means that you don’t have to make a secondary purchase to get it.

It’s a one-time purchase, and you can access it at any time you need it.

rosetta stone italian 1

Rosetta Stone Italian : Best for casual learners


  • Acquisition-Based Model: Utilizes a learning approach based on visuals and context, mimicking how children acquire language.


  • Doesn’t cover essential grammar aspects such as conjugations or gender agreements.
  • Restricting learning to basic actions and vocabulary.

This is a highly advertised Italian online course, and this is why a lot of people tend to choose it when they first start learning Italian.

If you’re looking to learn Italian, the best online course in Italian is a fantastic option to consider. With the convenience of virtual learning, you can access high-quality lessons from the comfort of your own home.

Her model doesn’t explain much about the rules of Italian, but it’s based on the “acquisition” model. It gives you pictures, and you need to select the right answer.

Rosetta knows that no one ever likes grammar, so she won’t put you through any of that. This is another reason why her course is so popular.

It’s using the same technique children do when they grow up. Observe the actions, and figure everything out by the context it’s placed in.

Generally, the course is fun. You get to learn the vocabulary, and you will feel like you are making real progress. It keeps you motivated and develops learning habits.

Now, the problem is that there are a lot of things that you can’t demonstrate with pictures alone, so your learning will be very limited to the simple actions that can be represented.

Of course, you will learn some of the most popular phrases and vocabulary, but chances are, you won’t be able to survive a vacation this way.

In conclusion, this course is very fun to use, it’s not challenging and will help you stay motivated. If you don’t like learning grammar at all, then this is the best place to start.

The big cons are the fact that this is not a course that will actually teach you something valuable and will definitely not make you a fluent Italian speaker.

There are no explanations in regard to conjugations or gender agreements, and you may end up making serious mistakes while speaking.

It can be a great learning style if you’re just looking to improve your vocabulary, but not if you want to become a fluent speaker.

Preply : Best for one on one Lessons

Preply stands out as an excellent platform for personalized, one-on-one language lessons, including Italian. Offering a diverse pool of experienced tutors, Preply caters to individual learning needs and preferences.

Language learning tools are beneficial, but the presence of a personal tutor solely focused on your progress can significantly impact your language acquisition. As a global online language learning platform, Preply aims to enhance accessibility and effectiveness in learning Italian for all learners.


  • 1-1 Private Lessons
  • Customized Learning Experience


  • No standard curriculum
  • Can be pricey

What’s the most effective Italian language program?

Free Guide
How to Learn Languages Fast

The most effective Italian language program is one that prioritizes speaking and repetition, fostering an intuitive learning experience. Programs emphasizing consistent exposure to sentences, allowing learners to start speaking faster, often prove highly effective.

An ideal program introduces variations in sentence structures while focusing on essential vocabulary from a beginner level. Additionally, a program that encourages active participation and offers a gradual pace for learning, especially through audio lessons, tends to be beneficial for learners seeking to master Italian.

Can You Learn Italian Online With A Teacher?

If you’re looking for live online Italian courses, there are quite a few platforms you can take 1-on-1 lessons on, and Skype is always an option too.

If you want to find a tutor and start learning the Italian language now, you can always use one of these four platforms.

  • Italki
  • Verbling
  • Preply
  • Verbal Planet

These online Italian courses should be 1-to-1, not in a group.

Happily, anything you learn can be made online nowadays, so you don’t really need to spend a lot of money traveling to Italy in order to learn it.

You can start learning the basics long before actually visiting the country.

I personally learned quite a few languages exclusively online, without being required to travel to that country and you can definitely do the same.

You can find many tutors online that will be more than happy to help you with what you need.

Whenever I want to take an online class, I check italki.com. It’s one of the oldest platforms out there, and I also teach Italian through it.

You can find me here.

It’s got a great organization, and you can find tutors from all around the world at an affordable price.

There’s also the possibility to find communities where you can learn faster and more efficiently.

It’s generally an online marketplace, where you can easily find online lessons.

So if you’re looking for a professional Italian teacher or just an informal tutor, you can definitely find someone there to help you.

Even though the website is completely free if you decide to take on with a tutor, you will need to pay him, but that’s perfectly understandable.

Depending on their experience and the country they live in, you can find pretty good rates.

It’s a great community if you want to learn a new language, and people are always happy to help.

It’s great to be able to ask Italian grammar explanations, or quick translation questions, and have the community answer it for you for free.

Thanks to the internet, you can start to learn Italian either using 1-on-1 tutoring, or the classic online Italian courses.

On the other hand, you can practice speaking with an Italian AI tutor. 

You can get an Italian AI tutor, powered by GPT technology, and engage in unlimited, beginner, intermediate or advanced conversations, based on your level, through both text or speech.

While you chat, you get instant feedback on your errors. Plus, you can switch between Italian and English at any time. Not only you’ll be improving your written skills, grammar and vocabulary, but spoken skills and pronunciation as well.

If you want to learn Italian with an AI Tutor, you can start by testing the app for free.

Best Way to Learn Italian Online

Remember that all these courses will work only if you put into practice the content of their lessons.

Indeed, there’s a huge difference between studying your target language and learning it, and what makes the difference is speaking practice.

In this aspect, Ripeti Con Me has the best Italian lessons online because the entire course is made up of speaking practice.

Stop studying Italian, and start speaking it!

Test your knowledge in 10 quick questions

What is the best way online course learn the Italian language online?

Best italian courses for learning Italian is Ripeti con me, is focused on speaking and repeating what you hear. It starts from a complete beginner level and is especially useful because it is completely intuitive. The sentences are repetitive enough for you to learn, but not repetitive enough for you to get bored with them.

Can you learn Italian in an online course ?

Yes, you can definitely learn Italian in an online course. Online Italian courses are becoming increasingly popular and there are many options available. Online courses offer a lot of flexibility and convenience, allowing you to learn at your own pace and on your own schedule.

Is it hard to learn Italian in an online course?

Absolutely. More and more Italian learners learn Italian through online courses that can help you learn reading, pronunciation grammar and vocabulary.

What are some good courses to learn Italian?

There are many good options to learn Italian with an online course such as audio italian courses like Ripeti con me, Pimsleur, Rosseta Stone etc.

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