Italian children’s songs

learn italian with children's songs

Children’s songs are usually easier than adults’ songs, right?

That’s why they make the best Italian songs for beginners.

Turn back into a child with these 4 easy Italian Songs for stress-free language learning.

By the way, these are much more interesting than a dull alphabet song.

italian children's songs

Italian children’s songs for beginners

Let’s first focus on two children’s songs in Italian for beginners.

If you want to check the lyrics for the first one, you’ll find the lyrics and translation here.

For the second song, we found a video with the Italian lyrics which you’ll find below.

Giro giro tondo (Turn Turn Around)

If you were a little Italian boy or girl, this would be one of the very first songs you’d learn in school.

It’s the equivalent of the English playground song “Ring Around the Rosie,” which many speculate to be a song about the Black Plague. (Which is ironic since the song has fun connotations for today’s children.)

This song is easy as it gets. The melody is charming with a simple sentence structure.

Actually, there are many versions of this popular song. There’s the standard one with the hen, another involving a wolf at the door, and even one talking about Mussolini’s grandchildren.

The variety of versions can only mean good news for your vocabulary, as you’ll be able to sing the same tune and have many different words accompany it.

In fact, you can make your own Italian version and just use the standard melody as a template!

Il coccodrillo come fa? (How Does the Crocodile Go?)

Remember when you were a kid and adults would ask you what certain animals sounded like, and then they would laugh with delight when you went “woof! woof!” or “meow”?

As it turns out, this is a universal phenomenon and Italian kids have a tune that helps them remember animal names as well as the sounds they make.

Il coccodrillo come fa?” is a cheerful song asking a very important question: “What sound does the crocodile make?” And along the way, it will definitely teach you a vocabulary word or two.

Actually, this song teaches you a little of everything: useful interrogatives, nouns, pronouns, and verbs are peppered throughout it.

And if you want to milk it for all its worth, it would be worthwhile to do a line-by-line study.

(A word of warning, though: By the end, you will still have no idea what sound the crocodile makes.)

Italian children’s songs for intermediate level

Let’s now listen to two Italian children’s songs for intermediate and advanced levels.

I bambini fanno oh (Children Say “Oh”)

This song is beautiful because it speaks about the innocence of children.

The singer says that children don’t really care about being strong or weak, and know that if they want to become “adults” they will need someone older to teach them how to be “adults”.

He also underlines the fact that even if children fight over silly things they always end up making peace, unlike adults.

Children get excited about everything and even when it rains, instead of complaining and running away, they get curious and surprised. Also, they’re not racist and don’t discriminate.

They have a lot of imagination and often know how to cheer you up.

What the signer is basically saying is that we should learn from children.

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And you should learn Italian with children’s songs! 🙂

Attenti al lupo (Beware of the Wolf)

This song is like a fairytale because it provides a moral lesson.

The bad wolf in the song is the representation of evil and danger.

On the other hand, the forest represents life, with its complicated and sometimes intricate characteristics, where one wanders cautiously.

But, as in all fairytales, there is an object to be protected or brought to safety. This time it’s a dream and it’s kept in a little hat.

We hope you enjoy these songs!

Learn Italian with Italian songs

Learning Italian with Italian songs is always a great option!

Songs are a reflection of societies. That’s how you learn about the culture and idiosyncrasy of a country.

Also, by listening to Italian music, you learn Italian in context. And you’re likely to remember the lyrics if you listen to the same song over and over.

We also have a collection of Italian songs for intermediate and advanced levels.

Even if you don’t have an advanced level, we still recommend listening to this type of music in your free time, if you really want to learn Italian.

learn italian with italian songs

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I’m originally from Argentina but grew up in Italy, so I’m bilingual. I love languages, which is why I studied French and Linguistics in London. I’m a grammar nerd and I love finding out about the meaning of words.

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