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How to say straight away: Italian grammar lesson 65

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In today’s short post, you’re going to learn how to say “straight away” in Italian.

In Italian, we have just one short word: subito. We use this word a lot since it’s very useful.

Just so you know, the stress goes on the “u”.

Interestingly, subito comes from the Latin adjective subitus, which means “sudden” or “unexpected“.

As you can see, its meaning has changed over time, but it’s not too far from its current meaning.

Subito Italian

Subito: different meanings

Like many Italian words, subito is very versatile and might mean different things, depending on the context.

In fact, subito can be translated into different words in English.

Here are some of the most common translations:

  • Now
  • Immediately
  • At once
  • Right now
  • Soon

As you can probably tell, some of these words mean almost the same (like “now” and “immediately“).

The great thing about this is that in Italian you just have one word so you won’t be mistaken when you use it.

How to say immediately Italian

Subito: examples

Let’s have a look at some examples:

Dobbiamo partire subito.

We have to leave straight away.

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Torno subito.

I’ll be back soon.

Venite subitoqui!

Come here right now!

Dimmi subitocosa vuoi.

Tell me what you want now.

Subito meaning

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