How to focus on studying? Tips from Tokyo’s Manuscript Writing Cafe

All language learners need focus and motivation to reach their goals. But how to focus on studying and keep motivation high? The “Manuscript Writing Cafe” in Tokyo offers an interesting insight to help you deliver results in an ideal environment.
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Focus on studying at Manuscript Writing Cafe

People prefer an environment where they can focus on studying or working without any external distraction from friends, family, or the noise of people around them.

Cafes are often the first on the list for a conducive environment that will help stimulate cognitive functions and create the perfect study method.

However, The Manuscript Writing Cafe in Tokyo has a different approach – by letting in customers who declare their writing deadline!

Let’s discover in detail how the right study space can make your study habits better.

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3 rules to focus and be productive

1. Writers have to declare what kind of project they are working on – whether it is copywriting, manuscript writing, proofreading, project planning, etc. and what their goals are and fill in the details on a card.

You have to mention how much word count you’ll have to finish for your writing project.

2. The cafe will nudge a few questions here and then (every 30 minutes or 1 hour) on how you’re coming along with your task.

You’ll be asked if you want a verbal level of pressure of “Mild”, “Normal”, or “Hard”.

3. A customer can’t leave the cafe unless they’re finished with their goal for the day.

And, since you’re already there, having someone write for you is not an option anymore (like here).

While writing and finishing your tasks, you’ll get to enjoy the cafe’s services such as the USB ports, Wi-Fi, computer fan stands, and available seating arrangements.

Inside the cafe, you’ll have unlimited refills of coffee at ¥150 per 30 minutes of stay.

If you’re curious about the style of motivation they use for writers to focus on studying and finishing their work, I also conducted an interview.

Here are some questions and answers that will clarify the effectiveness of their methods and services.

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Gentle nudges deliver results

The Manuscript Writing Cafe asks the customers to give them their writing goal and deadline.

In turn, they will have to also ask if they want verbal pressure and which level they prefer.

Manuscript Writing Cafe: The feeling of high tension and the environment’s likeness to a library full of students having to study for an exam is what motivates the customers.

What is the ratio of “mild”, “normal” and “hard”?

When asked by the customers to remind them about how they are doing in their project, what is your ratio for the level of verbal pressure?

Manuscript Writing Cafe: From our statistics, we get 10% for Mild, 85% for Normal, and 5% for Hard.

Is there a relationship between achievement rate and time?

For example, if you prompt the writers frequently, you can achieve more, or you can achieve it earlier than planned.

Manuscript Writing Cafe: We realized that there is no relationship because there’s a progress check that people focus on.

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Everyone around is focused, so everyone is naturally focused.

Focus is all about the environment

Manuscript Writing Cafe: Almost everyone says, “Because everyone around me is focused on their creative activities, I can do my best too!”

A dedicated space with the common goal of finishing their study tasks or writing prompts will inspire others to finish without distractions as well.

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The best tip for an effective study session

What can we learn from this style of studying and learning? Many people often associate pressure and deadlines with motivation.

But sometimes, this method can create uneasiness and takes away the fun of learning, especially if you’re putting a deadline on becoming a native Italian speaker.

It will realistically take months to become confident in speaking your target language.

Our study tip from the Tokyo Manuscript Writing cafe is that a good environment is important, even more important than constant nudges.

Thus, you should find the right study locations to learn languages, too.

Other than finding a good place to learn, you should also learn to manage your time while studying.

Here are some experts that shared their tips on time management for self-study.

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