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How to ask questions – Italian grammar lesson 10

To practice this grammar topic, take Lesson 10 of Ripeti Con Me!
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How do you ask questions in Italian?

Learn the grammar with simple rules and complete your practice when you use our audio lessons.

how to ask questions in Italian

How to ask questions

Asking questions in Italian is pretty simple. Basically, you just need a question mark at the end and the right intonation, which you’ll get with practice.

If you want to ask specific questions, there are some question words you’ll need and you’ll find in this lesson.

Let’s now learn how to ask questions in Italian.

Simple questions

While in English you have to change the order of the sentence, in Italian you can just take a statement and turn it into a question without changing the order of the sentence.

Let’s have a look at some examples:

Tu sei Laura. –> Tu sei Laura?

You’re Laura. –> Are you Laura?

Hanno vent’anni. –> Hanno vent’anni?

They are twenty years old. –> Are they twenty years old?

Vai a Roma. –> Vai a Roma?

You’re going to Rome. –> Are you going to Rome?

Lavorano da casa. –> Lavorano da casa?

They work from home. –> Do they work from home?

Studi ancora francese. –> Studi ancora francese?

You’re still studying French. –> Are you still studying French?

Questions in Italian

Question words

There are some question words that you’ll definitely need if you want to ask a specific question. Have a look at them:

  • Chi? (Who? Whom?)
  • Cosa? (What?)
  • Quando? (When?)
  • Dove? (Where?)
  • Perché? (Why?)
  • Come? (How?)
  • Quale/Quali? (Which?)
  • Quanto/Quanta/Quanti/Quante? (How much?/How many?)

Questions and answers in Italian

Practice with Quizlet

Here's a set of flashcards and quizzes to practice this grammar topic.

Questions words: examples

Let’s have a look at some examples:

Chi viene stasera?

Who’s coming tonight?

Cosa vuoi?

What do you want?

Quando vai a casa?

When are you going home?

Dove andiamo?

Where are we going?

Perché non mangi?

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Why aren’t you eating?

Come stai?

How are you?

Quale preferisci?

Which one do you prefer?

Quanto costa?

How much is it?

Just so you know, in questions beginning with a question word, when you want to mention the subject, this is placed at the end of the sentence. Here are two examples:

Quando arriva Matteo?

When does Matteo arrive?

Dove andate voi?

Where are you going?

Question words in Italian

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