A Glossika Italian alternative (works better for beginners)

In this post, you will learn more about the popular language learning app Glossika. The pros, the cons and a valid Glossika Italian alternative for beginners.
A Glossika italian alternative (works better for beginners)

Glossika Italian

The Glossika approach is pretty simple and clear: the goal is to develop fluency in the foreign language by memorizing and recalling thousands of new sentences (Spaced repetition).

You study 5 new sentences at a time and then practice them 5 times.

A rep consists of listening to an audio recording (of a native speaker), and then either writing it out or recording yourself trying to say it.

It’s recommended that you also spend as much time reviewing as you do learning new material because this is where you’ll make the most improvement.

What’s wrong with Glossika

Even though Glossika claims to work for everyone from complete beginners to advanced learners, you’ll probably need at least a basic vocabulary before getting started.

This is because Glossika only teaches new sentences. As a result, the ideal student for Glossika would be around B1 (intermediate) level, with already a basic understanding of Italian.

For example, their beginner level (A1) starts with phrases like ‘that’s impossible’ and ‘his car’s dirty,’ which is simply too much for a language learner who has no prior knowledge of Italian, especially since there is no instruction on pronunciation, accents, or other Italian aspects.

According to Glossika, you’ll also be able to figure out the grammar structures intuitively.

But sometimes, it is important to consult a separate post or language course to look up specific grammar rules and patterns.


Think in Italian vs Glossika

Think in Italian was modeled after the original Glossika courses, but improved on them in many aspects: sentence quantity and quality, speakers’ pronunciation, and course program.

Think in Italian remains an irreplaceable resource for Glossika’s aficionados who miss the focus on speaking it had before it turned into an app like many others.


Glossika alternative for the Italian language

If your goal is to learn Italian, the course “Think in Italian” is a valid and better alternative to Glossika.

The course works similarly to Glossika but it will lead you through the process of gradually exposing yourself to the language, allowing you to easily talk with Italian speakers.

Free Guide
How to Learn Languages Fast

You’ll be able to hold real conversations and feel comfortable doing so!

It features a huge collection of not only audio lessons (Ripeti con me), but also short readings with slow audio (Leggi con me).

Both of these courses are designed for all levels, from total beginners to advanced, and for each audio, you will find the transcription and the English translation.

glossika italian alternative

On the website, you can also find useful and free Italian grammar lessons to complement the audio courses, because sometimes it’s easier to simply have things pointed out and clarified.

Finally, the courses are solely focused on Italy, its geography, its people, and Italian culture so you will not just learn common phrases and grammar patterns but also how Italian native speakers talk in day-to-day life.

Learn more about the courses here.

Still translating in your head? Wanna speak Italian for real? Check out Stefano's courses to think directly in Italian and become fluent fast!


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