Future + anche: Italian gramar lesson 80

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Future anche Italian 1

Future + anche

Did you know in Italian we use the future tense even if we’re not talking about the future?

More precisely, in some cases we use the following structure:

future + anche + (the rest of the sentence)

Let’s have a look at one sentence for you to understand when we use it. We’ll give you a literal translation together with a sentence that makes more sense:

Lei sarà anche intelligente, ma non mi convince.

She will also be intelligent, but she doesn’t convince me.
Even though she’s intelligent, I’m not convinced.

Of course, the literal translation sounds very odd because in English we don’t use the future in this kind of case.

In English, we would use one of the following structures instead:

  • It might even be…, but
  • Even though it might be…
  • Even if it might be…
  • Despite the fact that…
  • In spite of the fact that…

sara anche Italian

Future + anche: when to use it

We basically use this structure when we want to link two phrases that somehow contradict each other.

For instance, we might be pretty certain about something but we still think something quite different (or the opposite).

In other words, we won’t change our minds, no matter how certain the fact we just mentioned is.

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Just so you know, we mainly use the third person singular of the verb essere (to be) in the future: sarà, followed by anche, like in the example below:

Sarà anche simpatico, ma non mi piace.

He might even be nice, but I don’t fancy him.

 Future anche

Future + anche: examples

We’ll give you more examples for you to understand better.

Analyze each sentence to understand the link between the two phrases.

Also, try to see how else you could translate the sentences.

Sarà anche vero ma ormai non mi fido più di lei.

Even though it might be true, I don’t trust her anymore.

Farà anche bello, ma non voglio uscire.

It might even be a nice day, but I don’t want to go out.

Leggerà anche tanto, ma non è intellettuale.

He might even read a lot, but he’s not intellectual.

La mia stanza sarà anche disordinada, ma è bellissima.

Despite the fact that my room is messy, it’s still beautiful.

Saremo anche amici ma non riesco a perdonarlo.

In spite of the fact that we’re friends, I’m not able to forgive him.

Future anche in Italian

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