Funny Italian jokes

If you go to Italy, you’ll probably meet lots of people with a great sense of humor. Italians love to tell jokes and many of these jokes involve Pierino. Pierino is like Little Johnny in English. In this post, you’ll read some funny Italian jokes.
funny italian jokes

Italian jokes about Pierino

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Here are some of the funniest Italian jokes involving Pierino:

Pierino fa una domanda alla professoressa d’inglese:
“Prof, che cosa vuol dire «I don’t know»?”
“Non lo so”.
“E lei sarebbe una professoressa d’inglese???”.

Pierino asks the English teacher a question:
“Teacher, what does “I don’t know” mean?”
“I don’t know”.
“And you call yourself an English teacher ???”.

La maestra chiama Pierino alla cattedra e gli dice: “se hai 2 monete in una tasca e nell’altra 3 quante ne hai in tutto”.
E Pierino risponde: “zero…oppure ha sbagliato persona, perchè in tasca non ho nessuna moneta”.

The teacher calls Pierino to the desk and tells him: “if you have 2 coins in one pocket and 3 in the other, how many do you have in total?”
And Pierino replies: “zero … or you called the wrong person because I don’t have any coins in my pocket “.

Pierino va dalla mamma e gli dice: “Mamma, ho una notizia bella e una cattiva”.
La mamma gli risponde: “Dimmi prima quella buona e poi quella cattiva”.
Pierino dice: “la notizia buona è che ho preso 10 in matematica…” e la mamma chiede a Pierino: “allora qual è quella cattiva?” e Pierino risponde: “la brutta notizia è che non è vero”.

Pierino goes to his mother and tells her: “Mom, I have good news and bad news”.
His mother replies: “Tell me the good one first and then the bad one”.Pierino says: “the good news is that I got 10 in mathematics …” and his mother asks Pierino: “So what’s the bad one?” and Pierino replies: “the bad news is that it’s not true”.

More jokes about Pierino

La maestra di matematica dice a Pierino: “Pierino dove l’hai messo il quaderno di matematica?”, Pierino guarda la maestra e dice: “l’ho portato dal dottore perché aveva troppi problemi”.

The math teacher tells Pierino: “Pierino where did you put the math notebook?”, Pierino looks at the teacher and says: “I took it to the doctor because it had too many problems”.

Pierino chiede alla mamma: “mamma ma la nonna fa parkour?” e lei risponde: “no perché?” e Pierino sorpreso replica: “allora è caduta dal balcone”.

Pierino asks his mother: “Mom, does grandma do parkour?” and she replies: “no, why?” and Pierino, surprised, replies: “then she fell from the balcony”.

La maestra a Pierino: “Pierino, nella frase <<il medico cura il paziente>>, dov’è il soggetto?” e Pierino: “all’ospedale signora maestra!”

The teacher says to Pierino: “Pierino, where is the subject in the following sentence? “The doctor treats the patient”, and Pierino says: “teacher, at the hospital!”

We hope you enjoyed our selection of the funniest Italian jokes about Pierino!

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I’m originally from Argentina but grew up in Italy, so I’m bilingual. I love languages, which is why I studied French and Linguistics in London. I’m a grammar nerd and I love finding out about the meaning of words.

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