What’s the difference between the online version and the downloadable one?

Both the audio course Ripeti con me! and readings Leggi con me! are available in two formats: online and downloadable.

Online Version vs Downloadable Version (Think in Italian)

The online version is available online for subscription and is not downloadable. You would need an active subscription as well as an internet connection to access it. This version also includes everything: audio courses and readings. You will have access to all present and future lessons.

The downloadable version consists of MP3s and PDFs that are yours forever. Once you’ve downloaded the files, you don’t need an internet connection to access them. An active subscription is also not required, it’s a one-off purchase where you can choose which content you’d like to purchase. However, for all lessons that will be added in the future, you would have to purchase them separately.

So, which one do you need?

Do you prefer having access to all of the materials while only paying as long as you need them? The online version is for you.

Do you prefer having downloadable MP3s + PDFs and don’t mind the content limitations?  The downloadable version is for you.

Both the downloadable version of Ripeti con me! and the downloadable version of Leggi con me! are available for purchase.


How often is new content added?

New lessons are being added every day. As a member, once a week you’ll receive in your mailbox the latest readings that suit your level.

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