Speech is too fast / slow

1. To adjust the playback speed, first click on the “Playback Settings” icon. This icon can be seen on the audio player section of the page as shown in the screenshot.

playback speed 1

2. This will bring up the “Audio course playback settings“. Under “Playback Speed“, simply move the slider to the left or right to adjust the audio speed according to your preference. Sliding it to the left will slow the audio down while sliding it to the right will make the audio faster.

playback speed 2

However, we recommend that you don’t slow down more than 10%, because you should get used to natural speed.

It would be better to repeat the lesson than to slow it down unnaturally.


3. Once you’ve moved the slider to your desired speed, click on the “Submit” button to save your changes. 

playback speed 3


I can’t log in

Please double-check the email address is correct Check the password is correct Try resetting your password. There’s a link for that on the login form.

It’s too easy / hard for me

If you already understand more than 90% of what you hear, you might want to skip a lesson or two. If you understand less than

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