An Easy Italian News Alternative (Works Better for Your Speaking Practice)


Unlock the secrets to skyrocketing your Italian speaking skills with a fresh, engaging alternative to traditional news-based learning. Dive into a method that promises active improvement and long-term retention!

  • Easy Italian News is cool for beginners, but it’s like riding a bike with training wheels. You’ll never hit full speed if you don’t take ’em off and practice speaking!
  • Listening to news is great and all, but if you’re not repeating phrases, you’re basically just eavesdropping on Italian convos without joining in. 🙉
  • Wanna sound like a native? Think in Italian courses are your jam. They’re like having an Italian buddy who’s super patient and doesn’t laugh at your accent.
  • Get your mouth in shape with audio lessons that make you parrot back sentences. It’s like a treadmill for your tongue, minus the sweat. 🏋️‍♂️
  • Reading is fundamental, but reading out loud with Leggi con me is like leveling up in a video game. You’ll be zapping pronunciation dragons in no time. 🔊
  • Ever tried to cram for a test and forgot everything? Spaced repetition is the anti-forgetting potion. It’s like your brain’s personal assistant, keeping vocab in check. 🧠✨

My thoughts

Discover a seamless way to enhance Italian speaking skills with our user-friendly news alternative. Elevate your language fluency effortlessly!

Easy Italian News

Easy Italian News is a platform for Italian learners that publishes news in Italian three days a week.

The stories are based on recent Italian stories and are written in a simplified version to make them accessible to everyone.

You have access to a set of news in Italian together with the transcript and can also open the link and read the original version of the news (which is more complex) to challenge your language skills.

The website aims to help you improve your reading and listening skills and, at the same time, learn new vocabulary and get updated about Italian society.

What’s Wrong with Easy Italian News

Easy Italian News is structured to help you improve your reading and listening skills; however, there is no room for any speaking practice.

You don’t have the chance to speak along with audio – which is one of the most effective ways to learn how to speak Italian.

With Easy Italian News, you have the opportunity to listen to audio, try to catch the meaning of unknown words, and read in Italian.

In this way, you will surely improve your listening and reading comprehension, but the flip side is that you won’t practice your speaking skills.

An Alternative to Easy Italian News for the Italian Language

If you want to improve your fluency, I recommend you choose a course based on active listening and repetition.

In this sense, Think in Italian courses are a good alternative to Easy Italian News as they give you a chance to practice your spoken Italian.

The website offers a set of audio lessons (Ripeti con me) and short readings with slow audio (Leggi con me).

The courses (especially the audio lessons) are a great way to improve your speaking skills: you listen to a native Italian speaker and repeat what he says after a short time interval.

This approach is based on spaced repetition and active recall techniques, which are quite effective in sticking the information you learn to your long-term memory.

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By repeating what you hear after a short interval, you give time for your brain to acquire and process information – which is way better than passively reading or memorizing.

What’s more, the lessons are engaging, interactive, and structured to make you progress gradually and constantly.

Learn more about Think In Italian courses.

Italian word of the day
Dopo il viaggio, avevamo solo voglia di riposare.
After the trip, we only felt like resting.
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