5 Amazing Italian Jewelry Brands To Add To Your Jewelry Box

Key Takeaways

Discover the allure of Italian jewelry with our guide to the top brands that will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your style. From Bulgari’s iconic Serpenti collection to Palmiero’s magical designs, find your next treasure!

  • Bulgari: A 130-year legacy of luxury, known for its Serpenti collection and vibrant gemstones. It’s a hit with celebrities and a symbol of high-end fashion.
  • Roberto Coin: Innovative and brilliant, this brand shines with its animal-themed pieces and has rapidly grown since its inception in 1996.
  • Buccellati: Offers elegance with its unique ‘rigato’ finish and sophisticated designs. Perfect for those who appreciate mature, classic jewelry.
  • Damiani: With roots as a royal jeweler, Damiani’s intricate designs cater to the elite, featuring the iconic Metropolitan Dream Collection.
  • Palmiero: Carlo Palmiero is a true wizard in jewelry design, creating high-end pieces that captivate an affluent audience with exquisite taste.

Whether you’re after a family heirloom vibe or something to showcase your edgy side, Italian jewelry is the ultimate outfit finisher. Don’t just wear any accessory; choose a piece that reflects your personality and makes your heart flutter. 🇮🇹✨

Quick facts

What distinguishes Bulgari's jewelry collections?

Bulgari is renowned for its Serpenti collections and vibrant gemstone necklaces, adored by celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor.

Why is Roberto Coin unique in the jewelry industry?

Roberto Coin's animal-themed designs and rapid growth since 1996 showcase how varied experiences can revolutionize traditional jewelry.

What is Buccellati famous for in its designs?

Buccellati is known for its elegant 'rigato' gold finish, which exudes sophistication and a long-standing heritage.

How did Damiani gain its reputation?

Damiani began with bespoke diamond masterpieces for nobility, becoming the Italian royal family's jeweler and earning elite acclaim.

What makes Palmiero's jewelry stand out?

Carlo Palmiero's designs are exceptional for their intricate stonework and movement, targeting affluent clients with impeccable taste.

What type of aesthetic does Buccellati cater to?

Buccellati caters to a mature, elegant aesthetic with sophisticated designs like Tulle rings and Hawaii necklaces.

What is the Metropolitan Dream Collection by Damiani known for?

The Metropolitan Dream Collection features a raised texture resembling an urban skyline, with diamonds that shimmer with metropolitan allure.

Why do people admire Bulgari's Color Treasures?

Bulgari's Color Treasures are admired for their vibrant gemstones and luxurious, high-end appeal, making them timeless classics.

How does Roberto Coin's background influence his jewelry designs?

As a former hotel manager, Roberto Coin brings a unique perspective to jewelry, blending hospitality insights with creative craftsmanship.

What sets Palmiero apart in the crowded jewelry market?

Palmiero's magic lies in its high-end, unique designs that captivate with their exceptional use of stones and composition.

My Thoughts

When it comes to what you wear on your wrist, neck, and earlobes, Italian jewelry brands should be on your radar.

So scroll down and save your personal favorites to your Instagram for future reference or to your carts for instant gratification,

qualunque cosa ti faccia battere il cuore.

Whichever makes your heart flutter.

Best Italian Jewelry Brands

Perhaps it’s because of their rich history, powerful culture, and professional craftsmanship in the arts (and cuisine), but unsurprisingly, we mostly find beautiful and carefully designed jewelry in Italy.

If you have a minimalist aesthetic or prefer something that isn’t muted, there is an Italian jewelry brand just for you.

So, whether you’re looking for a few new timeless classics or something bold and colorful to add to your portagioie (jewelry box), here are five of my favorite Italian jewelry designers to check out right now.


Bulgari is arguably Italy’s most iconic jewelry brand, with a 130-year history.

The brand is best known for its snake-inspired Serpenti (snakes) collections, B.zero1 rings, and show-stopping necklaces made of vibrantly colored gemstones and diamonds.

It is loved by A-listers all over the world, including Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.

Why do I love Bulgari? I don’t know where to start. Perhaps it’s because of their high-end jewelry that I adore them the most.

I love the Serpenti Collection and Color Treasures, but what can I say: can one ever go wrong with Bulgari jewelry?

Roberto Coin

This former hotel manager demonstrates what I really believe: a completely different experience will bring a completely new perspective to an ‘old world’ like the world of jewelry.

I love Roberto Coin for his brilliant collections, particularly his animal-themed jewelry, and I admire him for growing this relatively young company (founded in 1996) to such a large size in such a short time.


Buccellati is one of the most well-known brands capable of developing its own distinct style.

Mario Buccellati opened the first Buccellati store in Milan. Buccellati is well-known for a variety of items, but perhaps most notably for the engravedrigato‘ gold finish on many of their pieces.

Buccellati jewelry is for real grown-ups; it is not young or bold but elegant, with the sophistication that only certain brands with a long history can achieve.

Personally, I am a fan of the Tulle rings, Hawaii necklaces, and Dream bracelets. They are magnificent and stunning.


Damiani started in 1924 as a small family business specializing in diamond jewelry, led by patriarch Enrico Grassi Damiani.

He began by making miniature, one-of-a-kind, sophisticated masterpieces for noble families of the time, and for many years Damiani was the Italian royal family’s supplier.

His ornate designs quickly became popular among the Italian elite and noble families, and the brand grew in popularity throughout Italy.

The Metropolitan Dream Collection is the brand’s most iconic design.

The series, created by Damiani’s master goldsmiths, has a distinctive, raised texture that portrays an urban skyline with diamonds shimmering with metropolitan glamour.


Carlo Palmiero founded this family-run company. The man is nothing more than a wizard. What he can do with stones, movement, and composition is unique.

Being exceptional in an overcrowded world of brands, such as the jewelry world, is a success in and of itself. The collections feature only very high-end designs and are clearly aimed at an affluent clientele with excellent taste.

I’ve been enchanted by his jewelry world since the first time I laid eyes on it, and I’ve never stopped believing that he possesses some sort of bacchetta magica (magical wand).

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Popular Italian Jewelry

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Accessories, especially jewelry, are essential to outfits in the same way that burro (butter) is to pane (bread).

For many of us, the jewelry we wear is a subtly revealing reflection of who we are.

Jewelry is a perfect way to show the world a little bit of your personality.

Whether you’re into wearing an important family heirloom or rocking an ear full of piercings because you want to show off your edgy side.

Furthermore, there is no doubt that jewelry is the ultimate outfit finisher.

We’ve all spent 20 minutes or more staring in the mirror, trying to find out why our dress didn’t look perfect, only to put on a pair of hoops and realize it was all about the earrings.

With this list of the top Italian jewelry brands, I hope that I have managed to spark your attention and your curiosity, and I would love to know what your favorite Italian jewelry stores are and why you like them so much!

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