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Adverbs of place: Italian grammar lesson 28

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Learn how to use adverbs of place in this Italian grammar lesson.

Adverbs of place Italian

Adverbs of place

Knowing how to express the location of something is very useful in all languages.

In this lesson, we’re going to learn how to say and use adverbs of place in Italian, as the equivalents of above”, “behind”, “to the left”, etc.

You’ll see that, sometimes, some of them are combined with prepositions. Let’s get started!

In front of vs. behind

  • Davanti: in front of
  • Dietro: behind

We use these two words on their own if we know what we’re referring to and don’t need to specify.

However, if we need to be specific, we add the preposition “a” (+ an article, i.e.: al, alla, agli, etc.) right after the adverb.

Have a look at the examples below to understand what we mean:

A: La scuola si trova davanti alla piazza?

A: Is the school in front of the square?

B: No, si trova dietro.

B: No, it’s behind.

Behind in front of in Italian

Inside vs. outside

  • Dentro: inside
  • Fuori: outside

With these two adverbs, we don’t usually tend to specify what we’re referring to since in most cases, it’s pretty clear.

Let’s have a look at some examples:

Vuoi mangiare dentro o fuori?

Do you want to eat inside or outside ?

outside inside Italian

Far vs. close

  • Lontano: far
  • Vicino: close

Again, we use these two adverbs on their own if we don’t want to be specific.

If we want to give further information, we would then say lontano + “da” (+ an article) and vicino + “a” (+ an article).

Look at the examples:

Io abito molto lontano ma lei abita vicino.

I live very far away but she lives close.

Il cinema è lontano da casa mia.

The cinema is far from my house.

L’albergo è vicino alle montagne.

The hotel is close to the mountains.

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Far close in Italian

Above vs. below

  • Sopra: above/on
  • Sotto: below/under

We use these two words without a preposition. Here are some examples:

La mia stanza è sopra e quella di mio fratello sotto.

My room is above and my brother’s room is below.

Il libro è sopra il tavolo.

The book is on the table.

Above below Italian

Practice with Quizlet

Here's a set of flashcards and quizzes to practice this grammar topic.

Left vs. right

  • Sinistra: left
  • Destra: right

In this case, we can use two prepositions before the adverbs: either “a or “sulla.

Il bar si trova sulla destra.

The cafe is on the right.

La scuola è a sinistra.

The school is on the left.

Right left Italian

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