4 Active volcanoes in Italy (video + map)

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Active volcanoes in Italy?

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Active Volcano

Apart from all these aspects, it is also known to be a volcanic country making it very seismic as well, due to its position being closely between the Eurasian Plate and the African Plate. We can mainly see three clusters of volcanisms, a line of volcanic centres running northwest along the central part of the Italian mainland, one in the northeast of Sicily and another around the Mediterranean island of Pantelleria.

Volcanoes are divided into three distinct categories according to their behaviour: active, dormant, or extinct.

Volcanoes having erupted over the last few years are defined as “active”. Italy has three of them all of which are located in the south of the country: Mount Vesuvius, Mount Etna and Mount Stromboli.

Mount Etna

The 10,000ft high Mount Etna is the largest active volcano on the European continent, covering a total of 1,190 square kilometre area, making it the largest of the three active volcanoes in Italy. You will find it located on the eastern side of Sicily, between Catania and Messina.

vulcano etna nuova vetta piu alta 357661 3
Mount Etna

The 10,000ft high Mount Etna is the largest active volcano on the European continent, covering a total of 1,190 square kilometres area, making it the largest of the three active volcanoes in Italy. You will find it located on the eastern side of Sicily, between Catania and Messina.

Etna is in an almost constant state of activity and is one of the most active volcanoes in the world, making it of course a remarkable sight! Imagine yourself standing beneath it, pretty exhilarating!

With its five craters’ constantly spewing out lava and ash, it is highly likely that you will witness an eruption during your visit. No worries though – the volcano’s activity is monitored at all times and the site is closed off if it is considered dangerous. Even if you decide to watch it from a far – no problem at all, as it looks equally incredible and impressive against a clear blue sky. One of the most dangerous volcanos in Europe has its own beauty, near or far!

Volcano: Mount Etna
Location: Sicily
Hight: 3,329
Last Activity: Continues

Mount Vesuvius

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Mount Vesuvius

The only active volcano on mainland Europe is found in Naples, the legendary “Mount Vesuvius”
Of course, not as high as Etna but has a reputation for beastly eruption in its past. Responsible for the destruction of the city of Pompeii in 79AD.

Even if its last eruption was recorded to be in 1944, it is not sleeping, Vesuvius is active and in fact, considered to be the most dangerous volcano in the world because it has the possibility to erupt at any time, and this could be a huge threat to the lives of the people who live nearby and they are approximately  three million!

When we talk about Mount Vesuvius we can’t help but think of the Romans. Vesuvius is the one responsible for the well known, famouse destruction of Pompeii. If you find yourself on a journey to witness Mount Vesuvius, The Roman town of Pompeii is an absolute must-visit with its amazing excavated streets and houses which appear frozen in time. You can even get to see the statues which are plaster casts made from the calcified remains of actual Romans who lived in the city. Talk about fascinating!

Mount Vesuvius erupting in 1812
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Volcano: Mount Vesuvius
Location: Naples
Height: 1,281
Last Activity: 1944


denglersw stromboli 20040928 1230x800

Last but not least, we have the tiny isle of Stromboli which is one of the Aeolian Islands, situated off the north coast of Sicily, in the Tyrrhenian Sea. Actually, It is only a short hop from Mount Etna, which means Sicily is a must go-to when it comes to a volcano themed vacation! This volcano is 926 metres high, almost always erupting. Its spectacular explosions are visible many miles out to sea, so much so that it has even earned itself the nickname “The Lighthouse of the Mediterranean” So even if you were someone a little afraid of going near a volcano, hesitant if it might explode, this would be the perfect option, a fancy boat trip with a fantastic lava spilling show like no other! As for those who like to hick, Stromboli has guided hicks to the volcano’s old crater and you’ll also find hotels on the tiny island.

Volcano: Stromboli
Location: Sicily
Hight: 926
Last Activity: Continues

Other Volcanoes

italy volcanoes v2
Italy’s volcanoes
  • If you would rather relax on your Italian volcano discovery tour, it does not get much better and more chilled out than Monte Vulture which is situated in the Basilicata region.
  • On the southern edge of Tuscany, you will see the tallest dormant volcano in Italy, Monte Amiata. Along with lush landscapes, including the Monte Amiata mountain range, Tuscany offers fabulous cities like Florence and Pisa as well.
  • Right on Rome‘s doorstep resides Monte Cavo also known as Monte Albano. It has extinct almost 10,000 years ago but it still owns jaw-dropping panoramas after all of these years.

Fun Fact: Submarine Volcanoes

Italy also has volcanoes in the underwater areas of the Tyrrhenian Sea and Canale di Sicilia. Several submarine volcanoes are still active, others, now extinct, represent true and proper submarine mountains.

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  1. Wow, this is so fascinating! I had no idea Italy had so many active volcanoes. Can’t wait to watch the video and explore the map. Thanks for sharing!

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